Here are the Trump team’s ancestors who would be deported under White House immigration crackdown

On Thursday, Politico‘s Jennifer Mendelsohn wrote that many of President Donald Trump’s staunchest anti-immigrant allies are descended from immigrants who would not have been eligible to remain in the U.S. under the administration’s current policies.

Trump’s inauguration money is still missing: report

Almost one year after President Donald Trump took the oath of office, millions of dollars from his leftover inauguration funds have still not been donated to the charities they were promised to.

Lobbyists panic after Mueller team digs into foreign agent databases as part of Trump-Russia probe

Lobbyists scrambled to file paperwork after special counsel Robert Mueller indicted a pair of top Trump campaign officials with violating a rarely enforced federal law.

John Kelly now in ‘Bannon territory’ after infuriating the president with Fox News interview: source

A source close to President Donald Trump warned that chief of staff John Kelly may have overstepped his authority and angered the chief executive.

Oklahoma hospital has patient arrested after he refuses to leave — and then he dies in jail

A hospital in Oklahoma had one of its own patients arrested after he refused to leave — and hours later, he was found unresponsive in his jail cell by law enforcement officials.

Bombshell: Mueller team investigating whether NRA funneled Putin-linked Russian money to help Trump campaign

The FBI is reportedly investigating whether Russian money was illegally funneled to the National Rifle Association (NRA) to benefit Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

What are the odds of Trump surviving 2018 in office? An expert crunches the numbers

Donald Trump has been under constant fire from critics since he began his campaign in the summer of 2015, and his presidency has so far been perhaps the most chaotic and bizarre in recent decades.

White girls from Utah stage mock lynching on social media to mark ‘national n*gger day’

Two students at Hurricane High School Utah are facing disciplinary action after posting a racist photo on Instagram on Martin Luther King Day that wished people a “happy national n*gger day.”

'The Wall is the Wall': Trump lashes out at John Kelly for saying his campaign promise was 'uninformed'

President Donald Trump renewed his campaign promise to make Mexico pay for a physical wall — in an apparent rebuke of his chief of staff, John Kelly.

‘Great work, President Sh*thole’: Internet piles on Trump after he botches the rollout of ‘Fake News Awards’

Donald Trump on Wednesday attempted to dole out his not-at-all-anticipated “Fake News Awards”—but instead linked to a webpage that did not work.

Bannon 'slipped up' during hearing -- and revealed inside information about Trump-Russia meeting: report

Former Trump political strategist Steve Bannon reportedly offered new details about his conversations with fellow Trump administration officials about Donald Trump Jr,'s 2016 meeting with Russian intelligence officials during his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.

Trump says privately that a terror attack could save him and GOP from 2018 election bloodbath: report

Faced with the likelihood of a “blue tsunami” in the 2018 midterm elections, President Donald Trump is holding out hope that terrorists will attack the country, reported the Washington Post.