‘Sure ain’t no sh*thole!’: Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro invokes Trump’s racist rhetoric during speech at Mar-A-Lago

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Thursday invoked Donald Trump’s racist language to describe the president’s private Mar-A-Lago resort, telling attendees of the Trumpettes’ “Red, White and Blue” celebration, “[Mar-A-Lago] sure ain’t no shithole!”

Company loses $800,000 in city contracts after workers came to site with KKK sticker and guns

After a Milwaukee city contractor’s employees were outed with guns and white supremacist iconography on work sites, the company is slated to lose upwards of $1 million.

‘He understands golf, ice cream and Big Macs!’: Dem Rep rips Trump for fleeing to Mar-A-Lago as shutdown looms

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) on Thursday slammed Donald Trump as “self-absorbed,” accusing the president of dereliction of duty over reports he plans to flee Washington D.C. for his private resort in Florida as the government nears a shutdown.

Trump is planning a $100,000-per-couple anniversary party at Mar-A-Lago a day after the government is slated to shut down

As the prospect of a government shutdown hangs over Washington, Donald Trump will travel to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida on Friday, where he plans to host a one-year anniversary of his inauguration that costs $100,000 for a pair of tickets.

Here are the five biggest bombshells from the Fusion GPS founder’s House intel testimony

On Thursday, the House of Representatives released the declassified intelligence committee testimony of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson.

GOP Sen. Tom Cotton threatens to call cops on liberal constituents who keep writing him letters: report

Sen. Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) office has started sending out warning letters to liberal activists who have bombarded the senator with phone calls and letters.

‘Utter gobbledygook’: Internet rains hell on Trump for thinking a tweet will be able to prevent a government shutdown

As a government shutdown loomed in Congress Thursday evening, CNN’s Jim Acosta dropped a bombshell from a senior White House official: that President Donald Trump’s aides are considering whether the president can “issue a tweet” to reverse the shutdown.

Ex-Mormon scholar explains why the church is now facing an ‘exodus crisis’

The church began losing membership in mass numbers in 2011, around the same time information about the church’s spotted history became available online.

Trump appointee Carl Higbie out after audio surfaces of him accusing the ‘black race’ of ‘lax morality’

Carl Higbie, Donald Trump’s pick as chief of external affairs at the Corporation for National and Community Service, resigned Thursday after CNN reported he made a slew of racist, sexist and xenophobic statements.

DOJ asks Supreme Court for ‘immediate intervention’ in DACA case

The Trump administration on Thursday asked the Supreme Court to immediately review a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that paused the administrations efforts to dismantle the DACA program.
donald trump on the phone

Trump’s White House doesn’t even have a full-time director to coordinate a government shutdown

As a government shutdown looms ever closer, the office tasked with coordinating the actual protocols a shutdown would trigger still does not have a full-time director at its helm.

Bannon confirmed to Congress that he called Don Jr.’s Trump Tower meeting ‘unpatriotic’: report

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon admitted to congressional investigators that he did believe the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting was “unpatriotic.”