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Brendon Glenn, 29 - KTLA screencap

Los Angeles police chief disturbed after his cops kill an unarmed transient on Venice Beach

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, Police Chief Beck questioned the actions of his own officers saying, “Any time an unarmed person is shot by a Los Angeles police officer, it takes extraordinary circumstances to justify that, and I have not seen those extraordinary circumstances at this point.”
Former Arkansas Governbor Mike Huckabee, convicted rapist Wayne Dumond

Meet Mike Huckabee’s rapey 2016 running mate who will keep him from being president forever

Egged on by evangelicals and conservatives who believe that Bill Clinton is Satan incarnate and that Dumond was railroaded, Huckabee involved himself in Dumond’s parole hearings, writing to the convicted rapist to say, “Dear Wayne – My desire is that you be released from prison.”
Koch Brothers Exposed (Cover)

Koch brothers clash with GOP lawmakers as their lobbyists turn Tennessee into a ‘horror movie’

The billionaire libertarians pour cash into Republican campaigns and steer pro-business policies through their Americans for Prosperity organization — which attacks GOP lawmakers who are insufficiently supportive.
Kamala Harris after winning the nomination for attorney general (Steve Rhodes/Flickr)

CA Attorney General Kamala Harris’ aide busted over ‘3,000-year-old’ Knights Templar police force

One of California Attorney Gen. Kamala Harris’ staffers has been arrested in connection to a bizarre “Masonic” police force that was apparently operating as a rogue department — and claims to have existed for thousands of years.
Grim Reaper (Shutterstock)

Study: People don’t like atheists because they serve as a grim reminder of death’s finality

“Atheists have long been an especially stigmatized group,” social psychologist Corey L. Cook and his colleagues explained in new research on anti-atheist prejudice.
Brian Dawson and Ezinne Dawson (Facebook)

Sunday school teacher fired for using official Mormon website for lessons on church’s racist past

Dawson had returned from a missionary trip in February when his Sunday school class asked him why his Nigerian wife would have chosen to join a church with a history of banning black people from the priesthood.
Bernie Sanders speaks to Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa (Telegraph Herald/screen grab)

Here are 5 awesome things that have happened to Bernie Sanders since he announced

The Vermont Senator has a lot to be happy about.
East Chapel Hill teens pose with a Confederate flag (WTVD)

North Carolina teens post pro-Confederate photo on social media and joke about buying slaves

Some parents said the school took no action to reprimand the students who posted the photo or made the joke about buying slaves, and they want to see “firm and significant action.”
April Brogan

Florida sex worker dies in jail — where she received no care until she foamed at the mouth

Twenty-eight-year-old April Brogan died Friday, two days after her arrest in Daytona Beach on prostitution-related charges.