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'Thug with a gun' [Shutterstock]

Oregon teacher sues school officials over PTSD caused by surprise ‘active shooter’ drill

The suit stated that the “active shooter” drill — held four months after the December 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut — left 56-year-old Michelle McLean “extremely shaken, confused and mentally, physically and emotionally ill."
Parma, Missouri Mayor Tyus Byrd [KFVS-TV]

Former Missouri cop: I quit because I feared for my safety, not because new mayor is a black woman

The former assistant police chief in Parma, Missouri denied allegations on Tuesday that racism and sexism played a part in his leaving the department following the election of a black woman, Tyus Byrd, (pictured above) as mayor.
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SWAT team leader who fatally shot 7-year-old during reality show filming gets job back

Five years after shooting a seven-year-old girl to death while on duty, The cable network wanted footage for its homicide detective show, “The First 48.” Officers announced their arrival by detonating a flashbang grenade.
YouTube video appears to show U.S. Marshal smashing woman's cellphone (screen grab)

US Marshal goes berserk smashing woman’s phone for recording him on public sidewalk

A U.S. Marshal reportedly snapped and violently destroyed a woman’s cellphone while she was recording a group of law enforcement officers who were standing on a public sidewalk near Los Angeles.
Rick Santorum at the Conservative Political Action Conference 2015 (Talk Radio News Service/Flickr)

Here are 6 Republicans who desperately need a high-school sex ed class

The right has some very unusual opinions and misconceptions on how women's bodies work.
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Walmart closings ignite conservative fears of martial law and Russian ‘death domes’

"From the Boston Marathon bombings to Sandy Hook, the government has been executing false flags for purposes of imposing absolute NWO control over its citizens."
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Lawyer defending Utah equality ban warns: Gays will cause 900,000 abortions if they marry

Schaerr began with the faulty logic that a “reduction in the opposite-sex marriage rate means an increase in the percentage of women who are unmarried and who, according to all available data, have much higher abortion rates."
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Bill Paxton schools Ben Affleck on how to deal with slave-owning ancestors

Affleck's attempt to erase this uncomfortable part of his family tree echoes America's inability to deal with its racist history.