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Bobby Jindal (screenshot/Facebook)

‘Did Jesus ride dinosaurs?’ : Bobby Jindal’s Twitter Q&A hilariously backfires

Detractors of Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal on Twitter have pounced on the hashtag #AskBobby.
Amazing America with Sarah Palin - The Sportsman Channel

Here are the 7 scariest programs on the Sportsman Channel now that they’ve dumped the NRA

The Sportsman Channel will be continuing on with an assortment of other programing that might tickle the fancy of the gun-owning public.
Words appearing on Fort Lauderdale PD Officer Jeffrey Feldewert's Facebook page (Screenshot/CBS Miami)

Florida ‘savage hunter’ cop to be fired over racist Facebook posts about ‘hoodrats’

Jeffrey Feldewert, 45, took to Facebook in December to respond to a post about a bar fight involving African Americans.
Jesus casts the moneychangers out of the Temple (Shutterstock)

Here are 9 ‘facts’ you know for sure about Jesus that are probably wrong

Did you know his name wasn't even Jesus?
Jalyn Broussard's "modern fade" (Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area)

Catholic school principal boots 5-year-old black child from school because ‘his haircut was too distracting’

A Catholic elementary school in California kicked a black child out of kindergarten for his haircut — even though its length and style were not different than those of many of his white classmates.
Adam Phillips (screenshot/YouTube)

‘Dead wrong about the Bible': Portland pastor annihilates Christians who use religion to push bigotry

“With its historic ruling on marriage equality Friday,” writes Adam Phillips, pastor at Christ Church, “the U.S. Supreme Court finally caught up to the movement of the Holy Spirit."
Dwight Kiefert (Facebook)

Spelling-challenged ND Republican blasts same-sex marriage ruling as ‘victory for the METALLY ILL!!!!!’

North Dakota Republicans are backing away from a fellow GOP lawmaker who hailed last week’s same-sex marriage court ruling as a victory for the mentally ill.
Business woman gives thumbs down (Shutterstock)

‘I don’t stand alone': County clerks invoke religious freedom to ignore law on same-sex marriage

Religious conservatives, including Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, have been calling for "civil disobedience" to challenge a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that effectively legalized same-sex marriage.
Closeup portrait, mad, angry, upset, hostile, senior mature woman (Credit: Shutterstock.com)

South Dakota county clerk threatens to marry her dog after Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage

"She has the right to think what she wants to think and say what she wants to say, but not on taxpayer property and not on the taxpayers’ payroll."