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This July 29, 2015 booking photo provided by the Hamilton County Justice Center in Cincinnati, Ohio shows University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing (AFP Photo/)

Offers pour in from across the country to help pay killer cop Ray Tensing’s bail and legal bills

People from all over the country offered to help pay the $1 million bond for the former campus police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black motorist.
Coleen Sheran Singer (Bangor Daily News)

Obituary slams Maine’s Tea Party governor for killing heroin-addicted woman’s best treatment option

The obituary notice, which was written by ex-husband Brent Singer, is among a growing number of death notices that directly address addiction as both a warning and to lend support to other families struggling with the loss of a loved one to heroin.
Woman bored in bed (Shutterstock)

America’s best-kept sex secret: Many of us don’t want it

America’s obsession with sex is rivaled only by America’s obsession with repressing sex—except for the millions of Americans who find the whole thing simply uninteresting.
pregnant woman with handgun on shutterstock

Regular people are totally useless when trying to use a handgun in self-defense: study

Sorry wannabe Jack Bauers, turns out you suck at saving the day.
MRA dude is angry. About something. (Shutterstock)

Here’s why angry, entitled man-children pick on women

It tells us a lot about why misogyny continues to be such a major problem.
Maine Gov. Paul LePage (Screenshot/YouTube)

Maine’s Tea Party governor insults half of his state with smug, hand-written note to constituent

Maine’s GOP governor used official letterhead to pen an angry letter to a constituent on July 16. In blue ink, Gov. Paul LePage wrote a brief but testy response to constituent Louise Sullivan of Cape Elizabeth.
Bloggers post pictures of themselves chewing on various puddings and desserts in solidarity with a blogger who was told to ‘eat less cake’. Photograph: /Instagram Photograph: Instagram

Let them eat cake: Women hit back at fat-shaming troll

Sewing blogger Jenny Rushmore was told she should ‘eat less cake’ – so her followers posted pictures of them eating cake in solidarity.
Police officer aiming gun at car (Shutterstock)

San Jose cop followed black family home and held them at gunpoint for no reason: lawsuit

Emmanuel Stephens and his wife, Jasmine Whitley, had just picked up their 7-year-old daughter from school when Officer Alexander Keller began following them.
25-year-old Savanah Morgan appears in court via video teleconferencing on July 29, 2015. [WHNS-TV]

Horrific: Woman arrested after 2-year-old son found with dozens of neglected and dead animals

"Most of our officers probably were faced with something last night that they probably have not seen in their careers,” Laurens County Sheriff Ricky Chastain said. “It was a very sad situation to see something like this.”