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Charlie Hebdo's editor-in-chief, Stephane Charbonnier, known as Charb, killed January 7, 2015 (PHOTO AFP)

The protest against Charlie Hebdo’s PEN award shows how little the magazine is still understood

PEN America is presenting the surviving Charlie Hebdo staff with an award on May 5 that will honor the publication for its dedication to free speech. Six prominent members of the writers’ organization, however, are giving up their positions as “table heads” and will not attend the ceremony as a protest against the award selection.
Levi Ross (KMBC/screen grab)

Cancer patient with a week to live flees Kansas for-profit Medicaid for life-saving surgery in Memphis

After taking office, Gov. Brownback reformed the state’s Medicaid system by enrolling low-income and disabled patients in a for-profit system called KanCare.
Bastrop County Jade Helm 15 (Ustream)

Paranoid Texans grill Army spokesman on Jade Helm 15 exercise that’s sparking fears of military takeover

The Army spokesman assured participants that the United Nations was not involved in the operations, but the crowd jeered when he told them he was not familiar with Agenda 21 – another conspiracy theory.
Cop with taser (Flickr)

South Carolina cops face prison time for sadistically tasering mentally disabled woman

The officer offered to let 40-year-old Melissa Davis go if she let him shock her with the Taser once more in the forehead.
Fox News host Elisabeth Hassebeck and Assistant Chief Anita Najiy (screen grabs)

Fox & Friends attacks Miami’s history-making black woman cop because she could be a flag-hating Muslim

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the hosts of Fox & Friends suggested on Monday that they had a “right to know” if the first black woman to be appointed Assistant Chief of Police in Miami was a Muslim who hated America.
John Blue (WSB)

Georgia man’s life destroyed after he is jailed for 7 months — and then acquitted in 45 minutes

A Georgia man lost custody of his two sons, his business, his apartment, most of his belongings, and seven months of his life when he was jailed for allegedly attacking a social worker.
black male student on shutterstock

Here are 5 ways it’s become a crime to be poor in America — punishable by further impoverishment

A new report details perverse policies that are driving more people into hopeless, inescapable poverty.
Megan Sheehan suffered broken facial bones and teeth during arrest (KGO)

Watch: Cops break woman’s face because ‘she flunked the attitude test’ during drunken arrest

“I should have never gotten that drunk, but also there are ways to detain someone and not break their face,” Megan Sheehan said.

The anti-surveillance state: Clothes and gadgets block face recognition technology and make you digitally invisible

An entire industry is dedicated to getting your privacy back.