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‘I don’t stand alone': County clerks invoke religious freedom to ignore law on same-sex marriage

Religious conservatives, including Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, have been calling for "civil disobedience" to challenge a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that effectively legalized same-sex marriage.
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Idaho county clerk threatens to marry her dog after Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage

"She has the right to think what she wants to think and say what she wants to say, but not on taxpayer property and not on the taxpayers’ payroll."
Keaton Farris (KeatonH2O)

Washington man given less than 2 gallons of water while jailed 13 days over bad check — and now he’s dead

An autopsy showed that Keaton Farris died of dehydration and malnutrition after nearly two weeks in the Island County Jail.
Ann Marie Thomas (left) and 8-month-old Aniyah Wright-Trussell [WDIV-TV]

Detroit EMT worker fired after refusing to help dying 8-month-old girl

Charged with attending to the aid of a 8-month-old girl who had stopped breathing, Detroit EMT Ann Marie Thomas seemingly did the unthinkable: she refused and stood idly by a block away while she waited for other EMTs to arrive.
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Jon Stewart wants Sarah Palin and Donald Trump to tell him to ‘f*ck off’ on final episodes: report

Jon Stewart may invite some of his mortal enemies to send him off as host of “The Daily Show,” according to a new report.
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Here are the 6 biggest hysterical right-wing freakouts after last week’s Supreme Court rulings

Sadly, a number of the freaked-out are running for president

Captive virgins, polygamy and sex slaves: What marriage would look like if we actually followed the Bible

Bible believers are beside themselves about the prospect that marriage norms and laws are changing, but let me tell you a secret about Bible believers that I know because I was one. Most don’t actually read their Bibles.
Patrick Dettling had his nose broken at a Seattle Pride event (screen grab)

Gay couple beaten by homophobes at Seattle Pride celebration faces thousands in medical bills

Stevens Briggs and Patrick Dettling told said they were still celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that effectively legalized same-sex marriage nationwide when they were approached by three men and two women.
Wedding photographer Brentwood Lee [WTVT-TV]

Florida photographer becomes online hit after hammering homophobic ex-customer

"I think it’s important to show support for gay marriage because we are all human beings just wanting the same thing,” Clinton Brentwood Lee said. “Someone to love us, and the same protection and rights under the law."