‘He will go down as the worst secretary of state’: Rex Tillerson quickly cementing his place in history

Less than a year into the job, many experts already call Rex Tillerson one of the worst secretaries of state of all time — if not the worst.

Kremlin mouthpieces attack ‘emotional’ Morgan Freeman — and insist everyone should ignore his Russia video

The Kremlin smeared Morgan Freeman on Wednesday for saying that the United States is “at war” with Russia over that country’s attempts to destabilize the U.S. through election interference.

Oklahoma pair tortured and starved 5-year-old boy — and kicked him in the genitals until he bled

Two Oklahoma women were sentenced in the horrific and systematic abuse of a 5-year-old boy.

Ex-Trump adviser buys guns for home and office after being ensnarled in Mueller’s Russia investigation

Michael Caputo, a former communications adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump, said that he has purchased guns for his home and office after learning that he was part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Trump fan in ‘F*CK ISIS’ shirt threatened to kill Persian customers at California hookah bar: report

A California man wearing an anti-Islamic T-shirt and sporting a number of white supremacist tattoos barged into a hookah bar in Lake Forest and threatened to kill a group of Persian customers.

‘It’s gonna end with concentration camps’: Alt-right executive boasts of a future Europe with Hitler on their money

Though many members of the alt-right claim to not be racists or white supremacists, videos recorded by an infiltrator among their ranks proves otherwise.

‘Cut the sh*t’: Leah Remini calls out John Travolta’s ‘p*ssy’ answers on Scientology

Leah Remini called out celebrity Scientologists like John Travola — and the reporters who accept their feeble justifications of the cult-like religion.

Cornell fraternity shut down after black student called ‘n*gger’ and repeatedly punched

A fraternity at Cornell University has been shut down after one of its members allegedly beat a black student in a racially motivated attack.

Photo shows John Kelly face-palming during Trump’s warmongering UN speech

A photo of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly listening to his boss, President Donald Trump, speak to the United Nations went viral on Tuesday.

Only two countries think Trump is doing a better job than Obama did

A globally reviled leader makes his UN debut and lectures about mismanagement.

Oklahoma cops fatally shoot man armed only with a stick — after witnesses warned he couldn’t hear

Oklahoma City police officers were investigating a hit-and-run accident when they encountered a car that matched the description witnesses gave about the vehicle involved in the incident.

Why white supremacists can’t confront the fact that the source of their economic problems is rich white people

Frustrated young white men are facing class divisions more than racial divides.