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Ted Cruz (Fox News)

‘Pandering to idiots’: Jade Helm 15 fears continue crossing over from fringes to political mainstream

Conspiracy theories that originated in the anti-government extremist right continue to cross over into the political mainstream as elected officials — including a Republican presidential candidate — question the Jade Helm 15 military exercise planned for this summer.

‘I’m not a scientist, man': GOP’s top politicians refuse to evolve on evolution and climate change

A neurosurgeon who believes the human brain is too complex for anyone but God, an ophthalmologist who refuses to talk about the age of the earth, and a Harvard-trained lawyer beloved by creationists are running for president of the United States.
Mugshots of Elissa Alvarez and Jose Caballero (Manatee County Sheriff's Office)

Couple faces 15 years behind bars after a grandma records them having sex on Florida beach

One of the witnesses, grandmother April Champ, told the court that Alvarez and Caballero were “moving like they were having sex,” but she admitted she did not see penetration or genitals.
Protester at "Stand With the Prophet Against Terror and Hate" conference in Garland, Texas (NBC-DFW)

Garland, Texas is a hotbed for anti-Muslim bigotry

The narrative being told about Sunday night's shootings is woefully incomplete.
Parole officers held by police (Screen Capture)

Video shows four parole officers detained by gun-wielding police for Driving While Black

According to video obtained recently by a Rockland County newspaper, the Journal News, the police pointed their guns at the parole officers, who had aroused suspicions because they were black people wearing bulletproof vests.
Jean-Baptiste Thoret (YouTube)

Charlie Hebdo cartoonists distance selves from Texas event: We mock all religions, they target Muslims

Two cartoonists from the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo drew an important distinction between their work and the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest.
Nixon and Lincoln

Were Lincoln and Nixon gay? The ‘history’ book that is dividing America

Award-winning author and gay-rights activist Larry Kramer’s new book aims to counter the exclusion of homosexuality from history.
Senator Bernie Sanders (Brookings Institution/Flickr)

Senator Bernie Sanders won’t win in 2016 — but he will still change American politics

Sanders’s announcement excited liberal activists wary of another centrist Clinton presidency but puzzled most political pundits, who see no chance for a socialist candidate to do much of anything other than draw a few votes away from the eventual Democratic candidate.
'Red And Blue Police Lightbar On White Police Car' [Shutterstock]

Washington state couple fined after getting hit by state patrolman’s car

A Washington state patrolman whose car struck two people crossing the street against a do-not-walk sign in December will face no punishment and the injured pair have been fined $112 each after a probe found them at fault.