Donald Trump is citing his score on a routine cognitive test as proof he can solve the North Korea crisis better than Obama

In an interview with Reuters on Wednesday, Donald Trump brought up his score on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment as proof he is mentally capable of solving the escalating North Korea crisis.

Bannon 'slipped up' during hearing -- and revealed inside information about Trump-Russia meeting: report

Former Trump political strategist Steve Bannon reportedly offered new details about his conversations with fellow Trump administration officials about Donald Trump Jr,'s 2016 meeting with Russian intelligence officials during his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.

‘Goodbye lunch’: Internet barfs after Stormy Daniels claims Trump told her she was ‘just like his daughter’

In addition to claiming that sex with President Donald Trump was “textbook generic,” porn star Stormy Daniels is also claiming that the president once compared her favorably with his own daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Stormy Daniels describes sex with Trump in cringe-worthy detail: ‘Ugh here we go… please don’t pay me’

Porn star Stormy Daniels has now gone on the record in an interview with InTouch Weekly about her sexual encounters with President Donald Trump.

Trump says privately that a terror attack could save him and GOP from 2018 election bloodbath: report

Faced with the likelihood of a “blue tsunami” in the 2018 midterm elections, President Donald Trump is holding out hope that terrorists will attack the country, reported the Washington Post.

GOP senator: Congressional dysfunction is ‘why the aliens won’t talk to us’

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said on Wednesday that Congressional dysfunction is so bad at this point that it’s keeping extra-terrestrials from contacting us.

This once-successful clergyman got busted smuggling nearly 300 pounds of marijuana from Mexico

The pastor recently ousted from the Vancouver “Kmart church” he founded pleaded not guilty to federal drug charges after U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents allegedly found over 280 pounds of marijuana in his gray Volkswagen Jetta.

Black Missouri man says security guards handcuffed him to bench and pelted him with racial slurs

After allegedly being handcuffed to a bench and berated with racial slurs, a black Missouri man is suing the Kansas City Power & Light District entertainment center.

Mom files police report against student who shared her daughter’s racist Snapchat post

Rick Wilson decided to share the photo — along with another photo shared by students at the school that featured a Confederate flag along with derogatory statements about black people — with his friends to call out his classmates’ racism.

‘This deplorable appreciates the bread crumbs’: Trump voter thanks president for Walmart bonus

An Ohio Trump supporter placed herself beyond the reach of satire during an interview with Fox News.

Obstruction? Bannon lawyer relayed questions to Trump White House during testimony — and they told him to not answer

The attorney for former White House political strategist Steve Bannon relayed the questions his client was being asked back to officials at the Trump White House — and he was instructed to not answer them.

Bannon strikes deal with Mueller to avoid grand jury testimony in Trump-Russia probe

Steve Bannon will tell his story to special counsel Robert Mueller — but he won’t testify before a grand jury.