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Josh Duggar (CNS News)

Sex abuse victim to file lawsuit against Josh Duggar: report

One of Josh Duggar’s molestation victims is planning to file a lawsuit against the reality show star and former anti-LGBT activist.
Win Johnson (screenshot/Facebook)

Kangaroos, Nazis, and more: Alabama court staffer begs governor to resist ‘homosexual sodomy’

A civil rights advocacy group is calling for the resignation of an Alabama lawyer, employed by the state’s Supreme Court, for pleading that state officials reject the legality of same-sex marriage.
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Donald Trump has some enthusiastic new admirers: White supremacists

“The Donald” may have lost millions in high profile contracts after major television networks cut ties with him over racist remarks about Mexicans. But he gained some new fans: the Nazis and other racists.
Jeff Amyx (WATE)

Baptist pastor bans gays from his Tennessee hardware store: ‘No, I’ll never regret this’

Jeff Amyx, a Baptist minister who owns Amyx Hardware & Roofing Supplies, said he got to thinking Monday morning, after a Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, that Christians were the victim of a double standard.
Homeless man attacked in Modesto, California (KOVR)

California vigilantes attack mentally ill homeless man targeted in phony Facebook panic

Officers issued their own cautionary post on social media, saying the Facebook warnings about the man were false and expressing concern the man might himself become a victim of violence. That’s what happened Friday afternoon.
Megyn Kelly and Ted Cruz (Fox News)

Megyn Kelly schools Ted Cruz on plan to rewrite the Constitution to punish Supreme Court

Megyn Kelly grilled Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on his plan to rewrite the Constitution to remove U.S. Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of Obamacare and marriage equality.
Elderly Greeks try to enter a National Bank of Greece branch in Athens, on July 1, 2015 (AFP Photo/Angelos Tzortzinis)

Thousands of angry elderly Greek pensioners besiege banks to grab cash

The Greek government, which closed the banks and imposed strict capital controls after cash machines ran dry, has temporarily reopened almost 1,000 branches to allow pensioners without cards to withdraw 120 euros ($133) to last the rest of the week.
Ohio girl faces down homophobic street preacher [YouTube]

How this amazing 7-year-old Ohio girl left a homophobic street preacher ‘deflated’

"The crowd was passionately on her side, right away, shockingly so," her father said. "People cried, really."
GOP presiential candidate Donald Trump on 'The Late Show' during an October 2013 appearance. [CBS]

Donald Trump accuses Univision of trying to ‘suppress’ his campaign in $500 million lawsuit

Real estate mogul Donald Trump filed a $500 million lawsuit against the Univision network.