Mueller subpoenas Steve Bannon to testify before grand jury as probe moves closer to Trump

Former Trump political strategist Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed by special counsel Robert Mueller in a sign that the investigation is moving closer to the president.

Trump blew off suggestion to meet with Black Caucus over immigration reform: ‘You’ve got to be joking’

According to the deep dive by the Washington Post into Donald Trump’s combative meeting with Congressional leaders over immigration reform, the president abruptly scoffed at the idea of meeting the Congressional Black Caucus.

GOP strategist explains why Bannon may betray ‘wounded and crazy’ Trump at today’s hearing

Former White House political strategist Steve Bannon is testifying before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday — and Republican strategist Rick Wilson thinks there’s a good chance he could turn on his former boss.

Here’s the GOP’s ridiculous explanation for why Trump calling Africa a ‘sh*t house’ is not racist

Recently, some Republicans have tried to defend President Donald Trump’s declaration that he wants fewer immigrants from “sh*thole” countries in Africa by saying the president actually referred to those countries as “sh*t houses.”

Utah GOP official hammered with righteous rage after suggesting letting women vote was ‘grave mistake’

Casey Fisher, a Republican precinct chairman from Davis County, Utah, is coming under fire over a controversial Facebook post in which he said that allowing women to vote was a “grave mistake.”

‘Trump has revealed who he is’: Former Bush speechwriter shreds cowardly GOPers who lie to protect Trump

In a scathing commentary in the Washington Post, a speechwriter for former President George W. Bush tore into Republicans who continue to stay silent as Donald Trump’s administration descends into chaos and questions about his competency arise.

John Kelly convinced Trump to kill bipartisan DACA deal to save his ‘agenda’: report

While Trump’s comments about Haiti and African nations being “sh*tholes” got all the media attention — with the Post now reporting Kelly didn’t even blink when Trump said it — little has been reported on why Trump killed the deal which has infuriated Republicans and Democrats alike.

FBI agents fear GOP lawmakers will expose informants in partisan fight over Trump-Russia probe

With some Republican lawmakers seemingly at war with the FBI over the Trump-Russia probe, some agents increasingly fear the GOP will blow informants’ cover.

Panama votes to boot Trump Hotels out of country

An attempt to try to strip President Donald Trump’s name from a hotel building in Panama has turned bitter, with the U.S. leader’s hotel company refusing to leave the Central American country without a fight.

Republicans want Trump to sell tax cuts — but instead he’s rage-tweeting ‘Fox & Friends’: report

“The White House should be making the best use of their ultimate salesman and tool — Donald Trump and the power of the presidency — to sell its tax cuts, low unemployment and surging market. Instead, Trump has Fox on the tube, and Twitter by his trigger finger.”

Broken staircases and spoiled food: Florida health inspectors failed Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump’s exclusive club in Palm Beach, required emergency repairs in order to pass a November inspection by Florida health inspectors.

Joe Arpaio learns about his guilt on live TV

"As you know, when you take a pardon you're admitting guilt. Why did you take that pardon and admit guilt?"