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Jessa, Jinger, Jana and Jill Duggar- (Duggar family Facebook)

Fans express concern and support for Duggar daughters on Twitter: ‘Run away and be free!’

Fans of the the Duggar family reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, have taken to Twitter to express support for the Duggar daughters, four of whom were reportedly molested by eldest brother Josh Duggar when they were little girls.
Mike Huckabee speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Mike Huckabee’s Facebook fans tear him to shreds for defending Josh Duggar

The former Arkansas Governor may have finally done something too crazy for his base.
A handsome big moustached hipster man smoking cigarette in the city (Shutterstock)

Here are 7 things people who say they’re ‘fiscally conservative but socially liberal’ don’t understand

Social and economic issues are deeply intertwined.
A woman holds a Husky puppy during an exhibition in Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek (AFP Photo/Vyacheslav Oseledko)

America cares when dogs die — humans, not so much

The death of man's best friend justifies any rampage it spawns.
A religious leader in handcuffs (Shutterstock)

Oregon youth pastor sent to prison after church leader admits to knowing he assaulted teenage boys

A former youth pastor in Oregon was sentenced to nearly seven years in prison on Thursday for sexually assaulting two boys.
Jackson brothers

Four of six homeschooled brothers plead guilty to molesting their sister while ‘anti-school’ parents did nothing

Eight of the family’s 11 members have been indicted in the case — which bears similarities to newly revealed claims that reality TV stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may have covered up their eldest son’s molestation of girls.
Josh and Anna Duggar (Facebook)

‘Boys are curious': Meet the Duggar defenders using religion to excuse fondling your sleeping sisters

"This shouldnt even be in the news,” said Stephanie Truesdell in a Facebook comment. “Its not current. Its done, over, and hes been forgiven."
Duggar family (TLC)

Here are 6 of the most horrifying examples of the Duggars’ homophobia

Talk show host Montel Williams was perhaps the most high-profile person lambasting Duggar on Twitter Thursday evening.
'Swing Set' [Shutterstock]

Maryland police find woman pushing her dead 3-year-old son on a park swing

A Maryland mother was found early on Friday pushing her dead 3-year-old boy on a park swing.