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NYPD officers (torbakhopper/Flickr)

NYPD and NYC attorneys accused of destroying proof that cops are writing bogus tickets to hit quotas

In an exclusive report by the New York Daily News, the NYPD and city attorneys have been accused of colluding with each other to cover up evidence that New York City cops have been writing thousands of bogus tickets after being pressured by their superiors to hit quotas.
carrie-nelson / Shutterstock.com

Gawker vs. Hulk Hogan — and the future of the First Amendment

Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker Media over the publication of the former professional wrestler’s sex tape is the latest case that pits a celebrity’s privacy rights against the Bill of Rights.
A League of the South rally (screenshot/leagueofthesouth.com)

Black people are not ‘equal’: This is how the League of the South recruits a new generation on the web

The League of the South (LOS) promotes its brand through a multimedia web domain that features videos, photographs, and articles promoting white supremacy.
Joseph Cassano - via Twitter

‘I like Jews about as much as Hitler': Son of former FDNY head rehired after resigning over racist tweets

“Getting sick of picking up all these Obama lovers and taking them to the hospital because their Medicare pays for an ambulance and not a cab,” Cassano tweeted.
Bernie Sanders speaks to Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa (Telegraph Herald/screen grab)

As Bernie Sanders’ popularity surges, Democrats question socialist label

The self-described democratic socialist, fends off tough questions as fellow Democrats in Congress continue to endorse Hillary Clinton
Woman praying  (Shutterstock)

When slavery won’t die: The oppressive Biblical mentality America can’t shake

An interview with black theologian Kelly Brown Douglas on America's greatest sins.
Pearl Thompson gets her library card (Screenshot/News & Observer video footage)

Finally! Elderly black woman gets a library card in North Carolina — 73 years after applying

A 92-year-old woman who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio& has finally gotten a library card, after being denied it 73 years years ago because she is black.
A Confederate flag was flown on the back of the Minnesota firetruck  - via Twitter

Minnesota firefighter flies Confederate flag on firetruck in July 4th parade: ‘It has nothing to do with slavery’

“My view is that PC is going too far taking things out of history,” Nielsen said. “It has nothing to do with slavery. I don’t see color, black or white. We’re all equal.”
Actor Kevin Sorbo - Facebook

Actor Kevin Sorbo posts Facebook rant over ‘banning’ of Dukes of Hazzard: ‘What’s next, The Jeffersons?’

Christian actor Kevin Sorbo took to Facebook to express his anger with classic television show recycler TV Land after they pulled the “Dukes of Hazzard” off the air following the Charleston church shootings that claimed nine lives.