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Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar (Facebook)

Advertisers fleeing from the Duggars’ TLC show ’19 Kids and Counting’

One of TLC’s brightest stars, the Duggar family, has been cast into scandal after allegations emerged that Josh Duggar, one of the family’s 19 children, molested young girls.
Young black woman looking up and thinking (Shutterstock)

America is losing religion — and why more and more women are embracing non-belief

Skeptics are younger, more racially and ethnically diverse, more educated, and more spread out than they were 20 years ago. But the biggest demographic shift is related to gender.
Josh Duggar (screenshot/Facebook)

REVEALED: Josh Duggar sued Arkansas in 2007 because they investigated his sexual assaults

Though Springdale police declined to prosecute Josh Duggar for molesting several girls — including some of his sisters — in 2006, the department referred Duggar’s file to the state’s Families in Need of Services agency, a body that monitors criminal cases against juveniles.
Charlena Michelle Cooks was accused of resisting arrest for not showing an ID (YouTube/screen grab)

Body cam video catches Barstow cops slamming black pregnant woman to ground, letting white woman go free

Officials with the city of Barstow, California insisted this week that officers had acted properly when they used force to arrest a pregnant woman who refused to show them her identification, even though the charges were later dismissed.
Bill Nye (Nightly Show)

‘F*cking A**hole': Conservatives go berserk after Bill Nye links Texas floods to climate change

A seemingly innocuous Twitter post from scientist Bill Nye linking historic flooding in Texas to climate change sent conservatives into a frenzy this week.
Arizona anti-Islam rally organizer Jon Ritzheimer [KPNX-TV]

Arizona anti-Muslim rally organizer defends selling ‘F*ck Islam’ shirt: ‘I’m a Marine’ and I’m not politically correct

The event, which is scheduled to be held on Friday outside a local mosque, will also include a "Draw Muhammed" contest similar to the one organized by conservative activist Pamela Geller in Garland, Texas earlier this month.
Jim Bob Duggar campaigns for Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson (YouTube)

Ex-state trooper: Jim Bob Duggar lied and told me his son had molested only one girl

A former state trooper said Jim Bob Duggar – a one-time friend of his – lied when he brought his teenage son to him to discuss molestation claims.
J.K. Rowling (Shutterstock)

JK Rowling destroys Westboro Baptist Church with one simple tweet — and it’s awesome

Harry Potter author J.K Rowling slapped down the Westboro Baptist Church on Tuesday after the infamous religious group threatened to picket a fictional wedding.
Kali Chatmon says a city councilman yelled racial slurs at her (KSHB)

‘Go back to Baltimore': Road-raging Kansas councilman allegedly calls teen ‘black n****r b*tch’ over traffic mishap

The Kansas Bureau of Investigations has opened an investigation into Edwardsville City Councilman Chuck Stites, who has been accused of shouting racial slurs at a teenage girl during a road rage incident.