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‘Mama June’ angry about TLC’s double standard for Duggars: ‘It’s OK to have family touch time? Hell no’

The former star of another TLC reality show is angry about the apparent double standard the Duggar family is enjoying despite revelations that they covered up their son’s molestation of young girls.
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Here are 7 things people who say they’re ‘fiscally conservative but socially liberal’ don’t understand

Social and economic issues are deeply intertwined.
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Four of six homeschooled brothers plead guilty to molesting their sister while ‘anti-school’ parents did nothing

Eight of the family’s 11 members have been indicted in the case — which bears similarities to newly revealed claims that reality TV stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar may have covered up their eldest son’s molestation of girls.
Duggar family (TLC)

Here are 6 of the most horrifying examples of the Duggars’ homophobia

Talk show host Montel Williams was perhaps the most high-profile person lambasting Duggar on Twitter Thursday evening.
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A lot of Republicans who want to be president got their picture taken with a child molester

The Republican Party is currently firming up plans for their 2016 Presidential debates; attempting to figure out how to fit possibly 70 candidates onto one stage in a way that it doesn’t make them look like a gospel choir — only all white.
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Republicans may again thwart Obamacare-hating conservative’s efforts to save eyesight

An Obamacare-hating South Carolina conservative may yet find his efforts to save his eyesight foiled again by the Republicans he has supported.
Josh Duggar (Screen capture)

Josh Duggar quits anti-LGBT religious group as demand grows for family’s TLC show cancellation

Reality star and conservative activist Josh Duggar has resigned from his position at the Family Research Council amid allegations that he molested underage girls as a teenager,
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) [Bloomberg Politics]

‘We don’t give a sh*t about this or any of you': Chris Christie lays into reporters at ‘off-the-clock’ roast

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie struck back at the press with gusto during a roast organized by a journalists’ group on Wednesday, Bloomberg Politics reported.
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush speaks during the Wall Street Journal CEO Council in Washington, DC on Dec. 1, 2014. Photo by Jim Watson for Agence France-Presse.

Jeb Bush: People who believe in man-made climate change are ‘really arrogant’

Bush delved into climate politics during a campaign-style house party in New Hampshire at which he took questions from voters on his viewpoints as he considers whether to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.