Texas GOP congressman: Hurricanes are God’s way of ‘telling you to move’

Hensarling said it was time for the government to stop footing the bill to help out taxpayers whose homes have been destroyed by hurricanes.

Sean Spicer freaks out over question about turning over White House notes to Bob Mueller

Sean Spicer took copious notes during his tumultuous six months as White House press secretary — and those notebooks could be of great interest to special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump caught giving plum government jobs to unqualified campaign cronies

President Donald Trump has been handing out plum jobs at the United States Department of Agriculture to former campaign workers who have little or no experience in farming.

4-year-old Florida girl killed after finding gun in grandma’s purse: ‘She just wanted some damn candy’

A 4-year-old Florida girl accidentally shot and killed herself while reaching into her grandmother’s purse for some candy.

Former DNI Clapper: I ‘did not’ know of any FISA warrant against Manafort during my time in office

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said he had no knowledge of a FISA warrant against former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Maddow untangles Trump’s Russia web all the way back to the ‘unsexy’ RNC convention

The MSNBC host recounted how “dogged reporting on an "unsexy topic” can sometimes uncover "the small edge of something that eventually crescendos into the biggest political scandal in a generation."

‘F*ck you and the horse you rode in on’: Sheriff Clarke explodes after reporter asks about his security detail

Sheriff Daivd Clarke exploded on a reporter who asked him questions about his security detail last week.

‘Clearly obstruction of justice’: Ex-Ethics chief says Trump’s penchant for lying may ‘put an end to this White House’

Former chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter told Chris Matthews that the “the obstruction of justice and the lying” may be what brings down Donald Trump’s presidency.

Trump aides completely misread why everyone at the UN wants a picture with ‘new Hitler’

President Donald Trump is reportedly “relishing” being the center of attention at the United Nations this week — even as world leaders warn that his “targeted bluster” is no substitute for actual diplomacy.

‘WHAT?!’: Internet cringes as Trump congratulates African leaders on getting exploited by his friends

President Donald Trump address a meeting of African leaders on Wednesday and cheerfully informed him that he knows lots of people who are trying to exploit them.

‘This is white America time’: Restaurant in Trump International Hotel accused of racial discrimination

Current and former employees of a restaurant in Trump International Hotel have filed a racial discrimination lawsuit in DC Superior Court.

SC ex-teacher calls for teaching ‘virtues of slavery’ in shockingly racist letter to editor

A South Carolina newspaper published a letter to the editor from a former teacher who argued black people may have been better off as slaves.