‘No joy in Trumpworld’: White House staffers looking to jump ship — and mass exodus coming

White House staffers are sending out resumes and preparing to flee the chaos of the Trump administration.

Ivanka Trump's latest admission proves the rotten apple has not fallen far from the tree

She said she was moved to discuss the topic because it “is something that affects parents all over the country." Yet, when it comes to her employees... Ivanka operated differently.

Angry Trump lashes out at ‘madman’ Kim Jong-un and Facebook ads in early morning tweet rant

President Donald Trump continued his war of words with Kim Jong-un early Friday morning, calling the North Korean leader a “madman” and stating he “will be tested like never before!”

Trump just proved — yet again — that he’s got no problem with violence against women

The unfunny jokes? and offensive tweets have dire consequences for women.

Why is a fired White House staffer writing Trump’s speeches and meeting with Chinese leaders?

Donald Trump’s ousted chief strategist traveled to Beijing last week for a “secret meeting” with a top Communist Party of China leader. No one is sure why Bannon is suddenly handling relationships Jared Kushner once did.

Manafort may plan to leave US — as Mueller’s team prepares to indict him in Russia probe

Paul Manafort may plan to leave the country soon, after he was reportedly notified that he will be indicted by federal prosecutors working for special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump galvanizing government worker resistance — ‘federal employee unions are flourishing’: study

Federal government employees alarmed by the actions of President Donald Trump are increasingly turning to public service unions for workplace protection.

Trump supporters just doxxed thousands of anti-racist protesters as part of a disturbing harassment campaign

Personal information belonging to thousands of anti-Trump and anti-racist protesters has been released by pro-Trump users on the 4chan message board.

All hell breaks loose at Michigan racism protest after white man shouts ‘shut the f*ck up, n*gga’

A white man was arrested after a fight broke out during a protest at the University of Michigan, where black students have been targeted by racist vandalism and social media posts.

Ben Carson reveals new unwritten HUD plan to staff to ‘heal the nation’ — with zero specifics on how

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson revealed his plan for how the agency will run with his employees. There are just a few problems: There is no plan much less specifics. So, he gathered employees for nothing, and they weren't happy about it.

Florida ‘Teacher of the Year’ candidate allowed boy to lick girl’s breast during class

A Jacksonville, FL teacher was suspended without pay this week after he allowed students in his middle school classroom to play “Dirty Dare.”

Ex-CIA agent Valerie Plame raises eyebrows after sharing article blaming ‘America’s Jews’ for US wars

Valerie Plame, a former CIA operations officer at the center of the 2003 agency leak scandal dubbed “the Plame Affair,” tweeted out an article Thursday from the anti-Israel website “UNZ Review,” entitled, “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars.”