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Bob Gothard, Josh Duggar - Facebook

Hobby Lobby billionaire behind the Christian counseling center that treated Josh Duggar

For more than a decade, Hobby Lobby billionaires provided substantial financial support Bill Gothard, a politically influential religious leader who — among other things — founded the Institute in Basic Life Principles and the chain of Christian ‘treatment’ centers.
Texas Pastor Patrick Hurd  (gray t-shirt, center) and sampling of his 11 children - Facebook

Mom of gun-toting Quiverfull family: 14-year-old Josh Duggar was ‘playing doctor,’ so leave him alone

“When I was a kid, it was often called ‘playing doctor’, there were just as many girls initiating this kind of behavior as boys. Most of those never went on to perp horrible things, ” Hurd explained.
Michelle Obama (Everett Collection / Shutterstock)

ISIS: ‘Michelle Obama is worth $40 as a sex slave’ -- and Twitter conservatives react exactly as expected

As might be expected, conservatives on Twitter — with their customary charm — allied themselves with the Islamic fundamentalists by attacking the First Lady.
An authority figure yells at students (Shutterstock)

Arkansas school board caught cyber-bullying student advocate for LGBT rights

A school board member in Arkansas stands by disparaging comments she made on Facebook regarding a student advocate for LGBTQ rights.
NY Post (Screencap)

What Is Quiverfull? Here’s a look inside the Duggars’ dangerous Christian cult

Vyckie Garrison was once a minor celebrity in Quiverfull, made famous by TV’s Duggar family, gives an inside look on the movement.
Fredbird, mascot for the St. Louis Cardinals, holds a POLICE LIVES MATTER sign (screenshot/Twitter)

St. Louis Cardinals to local cops: Stop using our mascot to promote ‘Police Lives Matter’

In response to a request from the St. Louis Cardinals, the St. Louis Police Officers Association has taken down a Facebook photo of Fredbird, mascot for the St. Louis Cardinals, posing with a blue sign that reads, “POLICE LIVES MATTER.”
Tony Perkins, Montel Williams, Josh Duggar

Montel Williams blasts Josh Duggar, Tony Perkins as ‘hypocrites, charlatans’ in epic Facebook rant

On Thursday, Williams called Josh Duggar a “Slimebag” tweeting, “Sorry, Josh Duggar is a bigot, slimebag. Whole family is, and FRC is a scam. Yup, Gay people are the danger to kids? NOPE, JOSH DUGGAR IS.”
Bob Gothard, Josh Duggar - Facebook

Founder of Josh Duggar’s ‘treatment center’ left after ‘sexually grooming’ teens and young women

The founder of a chain of Christian “treatment” centers Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar sent their eldest son to for molesting five girls — including his sisters — resigned in 2014 under a cloud of accusations that he had “sexually groomed” and harassed young women and teens in his ministry.
Mike Huckabee speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Mike Huckabee’s Facebook fans tear him to shreds for defending Josh Duggar

The former Arkansas Governor may have finally done something too crazy for his base.