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Christians march for LGBTQ rights (Shutterstock)

Nebraska woman claiming to represent God files federal lawsuit against all ‘homosexuals’

Sylvia Driskell, a 66-year-old woman in Nebraska, has filed a lawsuit against all people who identify as LGBT, the Omaha World-Herald Reports.
Joseph Oberhansley appears in court (WDRB)

Indiana man who stabbed girlfriend and ate her heart denies raping her because he’s ‘too handsome’

At a court hearing in Jefferson County on Monday, Judge Vicki Carmichael granted prosecutor Jeremy Mull’s motion that rape be added to the charges against 34-year-old Joseph Oberhansley, the Courier-Journal reported.
Megan Adamescu (Screenshot/CBS4)

Miami Beach cop suspended for punching handcuffed model after new video emerges

"Your lack of judgment and your poor decisions defy your tenure as a Miami Beach Police Officer of 19 years."
Keith Ablow (Fox News)

‘Men should be able to veto abortions': Fox News host gripes that women want ‘all the control’

Fox News Medical A-Team member and resident psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow argued on Tuesday that “men should be able to veto women’s abortions.”
Video game "Kill the F*ggot" (Screen capture)

Christian developer behind ‘Kill the F*ggot’ game promises next release will be even more offensive

Herman is also a Christian shoe promoter. He launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 on behalf of a skateboarding shoe company “with one goal in mind: to promote the words and teachings of Jesus Christ through quality footwear."
Cory Golightly (WPSD)

Kentucky deputy accidentally shoots his own mom after bringing gun to wedding

“My initial reaction was, ‘Oh my goodness. Could that possibly be a gun?'” said witness Jenine King. “Then my next thought was, ‘Gosh, who’s in the church with a gun?'”
Venije Singkoh

American justice: Couple faces 15 years for beach sex — but pastor faces only 4 months for molesting girl

The girl told her mother and father that the 70-year-old Singkoh used his tongue while kissing her, and the family called a church meeting to confront the pastor. Singkoh repeatedly claimed it was an accident and denied inappropriately kissing the girl and others.
Mugshots of Elissa Alvarez and Jose Caballero (Manatee County Sheriff's Office)

Couple faces 15 years behind bars after a grandma records them having sex on Florida beach

One of the witnesses, grandmother April Champ, told the court that Alvarez and Caballero were “moving like they were having sex,” but she admitted she did not see penetration or genitals.
'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart on May 4, 2015. [YouTube]

Jon Stewart mocks ‘lone star lunatics’ and ‘Dallas d*cks’ paranoia about Jade Helm ‘Texas takeover’

Daily Show host Jon Stewart ripped the wave of conspiracy theories surrounding the Jade Helm 15 training exercises, which have some people concerned over a “Texas takeover” by the federal government.