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Officer Ray Tensing

University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing indicted for shooting Sam Dubose to death

A campus police officer has been indicted in the shooting death of an unarmed black man during a traffic stop.
Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone (screen grab)

‘I can’t sit here and listen to this': Anchor loses it after Fox host says abortion worse than lion killing

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes got an earful on Wednesday from Cheryl Casone after he argued that the country had lost its “moral compass.”
Angry man points handgun (Shutterstock)

Off-duty NJ trooper opens fire on teens who mistakenly knocked on his door: ‘Get off my f*cking property’

An off-duty New Jersey state trooper is accused of opening fire on three teenagers who mistakenly knocked on his door and then ran away.
Image: 1946 photo of snake handling Pentecostal worshippers (National Geographic/Wikipedia)

Snake-handling Kentucky Christian refuses treatment after rattlesnake bite — dies

The Bell County Sheriff’s Office reported that John David Brock was bitten during Sunday morning services at the Mossy Simpson Pentecostal Church.
Sandra Bland (Facebook)

Why aren’t we as universally outraged over Sandra Bland’s death as we are over Cecil the lion?

It is a credit to humanity that we can be unified in outrage at the death of an innocent creature like Cecil the lion, the 13-year-old protected Zimbabwean lion who was illegally poached by wealthy midwestern dentist Walter Palmer last week.
Cecil the lion (Screenshot/YouTube)

Lion-killing dentist Walter Palmer also preyed on women, sexual harassment claim reveals

Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist who sparked an angry firestorm by killing Cecil, a famous and protected lion on a big game hunt in Zimbabwe, settled a sexual harassment claim against him in 2009 for $127,500.
Cheryl Taylor and Jennifer Smith hold hands as they arrive for the Grand Pride Wedding, a mass gay wedding at Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada, on June 26, 2014 (AFP Photo/Geoff Robins)

GOP lawmakers in Texas and Tennessee trying new tricks to block same-sex couples’ right to marry

Texas state Rep. Dan Flynn (R-Van) said state agencies moved too quickly to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because the legislature never voted to permit what he describes as “federal” marriage licenses.
Dentist Walter Palmer (AJ+)

Walter Palmer — the dentist who killed Zimbabwe’s Cecil the lion — faces calls for prosecution

There are mounting calls for the prosecution of an American dentist who shot dead one of Africa’s most famous lions, as two other men involved in the hunt prepare to appear in court in Zimbabwe on Wednesday.
Jacqueline Fitzpatrick (Twitter)

Black Denver woman says two white men called her a racial slur and punched her in the face

A Denver woman said two white men attacked her over the weekend, and she believes they targeted her due to her race.