‘Craven dipsh*t’: Internet scolds Trump economic advisor for failing to grasp how insurance works

Donald Trump’s top economic advisor Stephen Moore on Tuesday demonstrated an apparent lack-of-knowledge of just how insurance works.

Did teetotaller Trump drink wine at the UN?

President Donald Trump may have launched a line of wines, but when it comes to alcoholic beverages, he claims to abstain from it all.

Photo shows John Kelly face-palming during Trump’s warmongering UN speech

A photo of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly listening to his boss, President Donald Trump, speak to the United Nations went viral on Tuesday.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders insists Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ speech was just like what Obama would say

In her tweet, Huckabee Sanders quoted former President Barack Obama as saying that the U.S. has enough nuclear weapons to destroy the country.

DC woman claims to have powerful Trump connections — and allegedly robs her neighbors with elaborate cons

Giselle claims to mingle with some of the world’s most powerful figures. She claims to be the secret wife of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and she even says she has an office in the White House next to Trump’s daughter, Ivanka.

‘You know you’re being conned, right?’: Bill Maher grills working-class Trump supporters on ‘tax reform’

In a recent blog post, Real Time host Bill Maher asked the simple but provocative question that’s been on left-leaning minds since before the election — do supporters of President Donald Trump know they’re being “conned?”

FLASHBACK: Pence is VP thanks to trick played on Trump by campaign chair targeted in Russia probe

Prosecutors are reportedly preparing to indict former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort — who tricked his boss into choosing Mike Pence as his running mate.

Dylann Roof stuck with his Indian and Jewish lawyers after throwing a legal tantrum

A federal appellate court has denied white supremacist killer Dylann Roof’s request to fire his lawyers based on their ethnicities, the Charleston Post-Courier reports.

Where is Rudy? He’s not the only Trumpster who’s disappeared from TV after the Russia subpoenas dropped

One unintended consequence of the investigation into the Russia scandal has been a sudden disappearance of certain loyalists to President Donald Trump.

‘Creating their own Pravda’: GOP group busted running ‘propaganda’ site – and even fellow Republicans are worried

The Republican Governors Association this week was caught creating its own news website that critics are comparing to Pravda, the infamous Soviet propaganda newspaper.

Trump’s UN speech bears a curious resemblance to one Putin delivered in 2015

Trump’s speech to the United Nations on Tuesday drew on a seemingly contradictory blend of defending nations’ rights to sovereignty and asserting the United States’ right to interfere in other nations’ sovereignty.

‘The f*ck is wrong with you’: Internet can’t believe Trump called Kim Jong Un ‘Rocket Man’ at UN speech

President Donald Trump once again humiliated many of his own citizens on Tuesday when he referred to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as “Rocket Man” during a speech at the United Nations