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Fox News CEO Roger Ailes [Agence France-Presse]

Fox News employees in ‘total confusion’ as their GOP debate rapidly approaches

The unprecedented role that the right-leaning TV network is playing in the candidate selection process has some at the channel reeling and accusing upper management of approaching the debate with no real plan.
Image posted on Facebook by the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women (KFOR)

Oklahoma GOP women’s group attacks welfare with image of a black man being lynched

Another Oklahoma Republican group posted an offensive comparison about welfare recipients on its official Facebook page.
Maine Gov. Paul LePage (Screenshot/YouTube)

Maine’s Tea Party governor insults half of his state with smug, hand-written note to constituent

Maine’s GOP governor used official letterhead to pen an angry letter to a constituent on July 16. In blue ink, Gov. Paul LePage wrote a brief but testy response to constituent Louise Sullivan of Cape Elizabeth.
City of Hawkins Jesus welcome sign - screencap

Texas businesses think they’re infuriating atheists by copying town’s ‘Jesus’ sign — but they’re not

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent two letters to the Hawkins City Council about the sign, which reads, “Jesus welcomes you to Hawkins,” in response to complaints from at least one resident — but the town’s mayor won’t back down from the “bogeyman” atheists.
LGBT Southerners for Michelle Obama (Twitter)

Hackers turn pro-Confederate Facebook group into celebration of Obama, Islam and LGBT rights

A Brooklyn-based writer hilariously wrecked a pro-Confederate Facebook group after he discovered administrators had left some of the privacy settings unlocked.
Republican presidential candidate and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker speaks at a Harley Davidson motorcycle dealership in Las Vegas, Nevada July 14, 2015. (REUTERS/David Becker)

Awkward: ‘Union-busting’ Republican Scott Walker loves to pose with ‘Union made’ Harley motorcycles

For Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, there’s something awkward about the Harley-Davidson motorcycles that he has been posing on at presidential campaign stops: each one bears a sticker on its frame that reads “Union made in the USA.”
In 2011, Donald Trump's sons Eric and Donald Jr. went to Africa to kill wild animals.

Here are six more rich white people who get off on killing African wildlife

Walter Palmer is just the latest in a long line of rich Americans who love gunning down wild animals in Africa.
Composite of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Is America undergoing a major political sea change? Inside the surprising rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

America’s political center, if it ever really existed, appears to be shrinking.
A Hispanic woman covers her mouth with her hands (Shutterstock)

Six reasons why white male conservatives want to control the reproductive lives of poor brown women

What do conservative politicians want even more than balanced budgets or an end to abortion?