CNN psychic predicts economy based on Bernanke’s ‘moon sign’
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Things are looking up for the economy if you believe two of the psychics CNN used to predict the future of global finance last week.

“He has one of the best charts,” one psychic holding a crystal ball told CNN’s Felicia Taylor, referring to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. “His moon sign, which is a person’s other side, is Scorpio.”

“So the markets may not fall at the end of June?” Taylor asked.

“No, because I see him having success primarily in July and August and September and October. In October, he’s really really happy. I don’t think he would be, right, if things were going terribly?” the psychic said.

“I really think this is more insidious than stupid.” Crooks and Liar’s Nicole Belle noted. “Economics is not that mystical, nor is it that difficult to understand. But as long as the media keeps it something beyond explanation, you foster a sense of hopelessness and helplessness among the viewers, which makes them far more dependent upon experts.”

Watch this video from CNN.com, broadcast June 23, 2011.

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