‘Black Bloc’ protesters ignite violence at Seattle May Day protest
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Protesters clad in black outfits and carrying poles smashed windows and clashed with police during a May Day demonstration in downtown Seattle, according to The Seattle Times.

The Occupy Wall Street movement planned May Day rallies in cities around the United States to show solidarity with workers across the globe and call for corporate accountability.

A small group of so-called black bloc protesters shattered the windows of numerous cars, a NikeTown store, an American Apparel store, a Wells Fargo bank and a federal courthouse.

Other buildings were vandalized with spray paint. A Canadian tourist said his car’s windows had been smashed and protesters allegedly told him to “go back to Canada.”

Seattle police Capt. Joe Kessler said there had been some arrests and that most protesters had been peaceful.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn has issued an emergency declaration instructing police to confiscate items that can be used as weapons, including signs.

Journalist Chris Hedges, a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement, has called black bloc protesters a “cancer” who are “serving the interests of the 1 percent.”

Watch videos, uploaded to YouTube on May 1, below:

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