Europe analyst: ‘The middle class will be squeezed’ for the elite
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In a discussion Saturday afternoon on the RT network about Greece’s struggles to form a government, local political analyst Alessandro Politi described his perspective on how Europe’s other countries will feel the maximum pain that Greece has endured.

“Greece has already hit the bottom, and very soon other countries will do the same,” Politi said. “It’s really middle-middle class will be squeezed for the sake of these financial interests. And this is something which goes against the grain of democracy and against the grain of dignity and freedom.”

And Politi made sure to include the United States as the catalyst for the financial crisis.

“Look just at the United Kingdom,” he said. “They have introduced austerity measures, but they still have a reputable economy despite knowing very well that the debt is very high. Look at the United States, who are saying ‘well, we don’t want to be touched by EU problems,’ when this world crisis was originated by scandals in the United States.

WATCH: Video from RT, from May 12, 2012.

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