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Jeb Bush to Obama: Leave my brother alone
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Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush appeared to go off script during his remarks at the Republican convention Thursday night, preceding his prepared statement with an attack on President Obama for blaming George W. Bush for the economic meltdown and long recovery.

“Mr. President, it is time to stop blaming your predecessor for your failed economic policies,” Bush said. “You were dealt a tough hand but your policies have not worked. In the fourth year of your presidency a real leader would accept responsibility for his actions, and you haven’t done it.”

President Obama has repeatedly pointed out that the economic collapse began during George W. Bush’s presidency, and that it wasn’t until he took office that things began to turn around.

None of Bush’s slam on Obama appears in the prepared text of his remarks sent out to reporters prior to his speech. And Bush did, in fact, start off at the podium by saying he wanted to take a moment to delve into something unrelated to education, the topic that filled the rest of his time on stage.

“Before I begin my remarks, I have something personal I’d like to share with you,” he said. “I’ve been so blessed to be part of a family that’s committed its life to public service. My grandad—my grandfather and my father have been incredible role models to me and have served our country honorably.”

“And my brother, well, I love my brother,” he added.

Bush also spent a chunk of his speech comparing public schools to milk. When deciding where to send your kids to school, Bush said, you should have as many options as you have when picking up milk at the grocery store.

“Everywhere in our lives we get a chance to choose,” he said. “Go down to any supermarket aisle and you’ll find an incredible selection of milk. You can get whole milk, buttermilk, two percent milk,  low fat milk or skim milk, organic milk and milk with extra vitamin D. There’s flavored milk, chocolate, strawberry or vanilla, and it doesn’t even taste like milk. They even make milk for people who can’t drink milk.”

“So my question to you is, ‘Shouldn’t parents have that kind of choice in schools?'”

On Wednesday night, Rick Santorum also delivered a slightly rambling metaphor, his comparing the American Dream to hands. Lots and lots of hands.

Watch Bush’s entire speech below:

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