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Massachusetts man planned to eat children, prosecutors say
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Geoffrey Portway’s attorney says the man’s “fantasy world” posed no actual threat of harm to a child.

But the 40-year-old Worcester man pleaded guilty in May to child pornography charges along with solicitation to commit a crime of violence, according to court documents, and the locked, soundproof basement with a metal cage, metal bondage equipment and a child-sized coffin serve as evidence, CNN reported Saturday. Portway is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday.

Portway’s lawyer Richard J. Sweeney told CNN that the online chats that ultimately led federal investigators to Portway’s arrest were acts of role-playing. Two other men — one a puppeteer at a Florida church — have also been convicted as a result of the online chat sessions.

The Huffington Post obtained transcripts of the chat sessions from federal authorities. The graphic exchanges include descriptions of plans to rape, kill and eat children, such as “Really want to eat a nice young boy. Setting [up] my basement … [a] locked basement, has a cage, has a table to tie people to, working on sound proofing now.”

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