Mike Huckabee (ABC News)

Mike Huckabee tweets out racist joke about Asians eating dogs during Dem debate

While all eyes were on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed after he promised to live-tweet the Democratic debate, GOP candidate Mike Huckabee managed to win the night for the most outrageous tweet .
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton clash during the first Democratic Party presidential debate on Oct. 13, 2015.

Hillary Clinton jabs at Bernie Sanders’ socialism: What US needs to do is ‘save capitalism from itself’

A question concerning Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) Democratic Socialist views gave way to a larger tete-a-tete between Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on capitalism during Tuesday’s Democratic Party debate.
Image: Woman patient alone in window (Shutterstock.com)

Utah Republicans kill health care plan for 95,000 poor in closed-door vote

After months of negotiations earlier this year, the Health Reform Task Force unveiled a scaled down of the Healthy Utah plan for Medicaid expansion called Utah Access Plus.
Praying priest [Shutterstock]

Freaked-out Kansas conservatives confuse church pew removal with Muslim plot

A Wichita, Kansas minister came forward to debunk the conservative claim that Muslims were attempting a “takeover” of the campus church at Wichita State University.
DC cop manhandling black man on ground - Twitter screencap

Banking while black: College students handcuffed after ‘uncomfortable’ white customers complain

The man and his friend — both identified as Howard University students — were hanging out near a bank ATM when they were approached by police officers who were responding to a call stating a “suspicious person” had been spotted and might be trying to rob people.
NBC host Chuck Todd (screen grab)

Ouch: Chuck Todd’s new daily ‘Meet the Press’ loses half of key viewers in just 2 weeks

Two weeks after the premiere of Chuck Todd’s daily version of Meet the Press on MSNBC, the show has already turned into a ratings flop.
DeKalb County road rage shooting (WXIA)

Angry driver shoots Georgia woman in the back because she was driving too slow

The woman, 44-year-old Angelina Christiano, motioned for the Ford Mustang driver who had been tailing her to pull around her Corvette — but instead he pulled alongside her and opened fire.
4-year-old Ava Ellis in a family portrait. [Inside Edition]

‘Mommy, Am I Going to Die?': Ohio 4-year-old pleads after cop shoots her and walks away

Newly-released audio illustrates a Columbus, Ohio family’s confusion and terror after a local police officer accidentally shot a then-4-year-old girl while being asked to help the girl’s mother.
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Mississippi pastor-turned-teacher mocks atheist ‘fools’ in his public school history class

Rick Hammarstrom, a history teacher at Northwest Rankin High School, who is also a pastor at a Baptist church, has a habit of disparaging non-believers and promoting Christianity in class.