Michele Fiore (Facebook)

Nevada police union rips Bundy-backing lawmaker for defending pointing guns at cops

“What are you thinking to even suggest in any way, shape or form, to even imply that it would be a valid course of conduct for a citizen to point a weapon at a law enforcement officer?” Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers (NAPSO) executive director Rick McCann said in a letter to Michele Fiore.

Twitter users hatch hilarious #ChickenTrump tag: ‘Make America Cluck Again!’

Twitter users wasted no time cooking up some fowl play on Friday after Donald Trump reneged on his intentions to debate Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Donald Trump speaks to Sean Hannity on May 18, 2016. (YouTube)

Trump backs out of debate against Sanders after tech company offers to pay for it

Donald Trump reneged on his intention to debate Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday in a brief statement on his website.
Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Tech company offers to pay $10 million for Trump-Sanders debate throwdown

Earlier this week, Donald Trump said he’d be willing to debate Bernie Sanders if someone were to pony up $10 million to give to charity. One tech company has pledged to step up to the plate.
John DeFrancisco (New York Senate)

Wealthy sex assault survivor pledges to defeat GOP lawmaker who won’t let victims sue their abusers

Gary Greenberg, a minority owner of the Vernon Downs racetrack, has pledged $100,000 of his own money to unseat state Sen. John DeFrancisco (R-Syracuse) and other lawmakers.
Myneisha Johnson and son Kylan -- (Twitter)

Principal flawlessly slams racist busy-body who didn’t want child to receive his murdered mother’s diploma

A critic of a Memphis high school that agreed to let the child of a murdered student accept his mother’s diploma got a lesson in decency — and grammar — after the school’s principal hit back with a blistering response.
Siri on an Apple iPhone (Shutterstock)

Siri won’t listen to millions of Americans — here’s why

Apple’s voice-enabled personal assistant Siri has become a staple for millions of iPhone users across the world but there are millions of Americans who still can’t use it.
Ethan Hernandez, 3 (Facebook)

Undertaker shames child-killing hit-and-run driver: I put him in a ‘little white casket’ because of you

Ethan Hernandez, 3, was walking with his parents in a crosswalk last week when the driver of the truck hit him and drove away.
Sad and lonely girl crying with a hand covering her face (Shutterstock.com)

Berkeley student details professor’s disturbing sexual advances — and how the university failed her

Nicole Hemenway was coming out of a class when her thesis adviser pulled her aside and asked if she could talk. It was 21 November 2014, and the professor, Blake Wentworth, walked her to a secluded area.
Mount St. Helens

This ‘dangerous sleeping giant’ volcano near Mt. St. Helens could imperil half a million people

Mount St. Helens is “recharging” with magma, setting off more than 100 earthquakes in recent weeks — but scientists warn a nearby “sleeping giant” may pose a bigger threat.
Supporters arrive to hear Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speak in Brooklyn's Prospect Park in New York on April 17, 2016 (AFP)

Bernie-or-Bust voter: At least Trump will bring change — ‘even if it’s like a Nazi-type change’

With the Democratic primaries concluding in a few weeks, battle lines continue to harden between supporters of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.