Bombshell: Alabama cops systematically framed blacks by planting drugs and guns for decades

Members of a narcotics investigation squad for the police department in Dothan, Alabama planted drugs and weapons on young black men since the mid-1990s with the approval of their superiors — one of whom is currently the state’s Assistant Director of Homeland Security.
JoAnn Windholz (Facebook)

Colorado GOP lawmaker: Planned Parenthood is the ‘real culprit’ in the shooting

"The true instigator of this violence and all violence at any Planned Parenthood facility is Planned Parenthood themselves. Violence begets violence. So Planned Parenthood: YOU STOP THE VIOLENCE INSIDE YOUR WALLS."

The neuroscience behind why white cops kill black men

Studies from neuroscience and psychology may shed some light on why white police officers that aren’t consciously racist are quick to pull the trigger on black men.
Senator Marco Rubio speaking at the 2012 CPAC in Washington, D.C. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Marco Rubio: 9/11 terror attacks were part of God’s plan for the universe

Speaking at a campaign rally last Monday in Iowa, the Florida senator said Christians should never be afraid because God was in control of the universe.
Robert Lewis Dear, 57, the suspect in the November 27 shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado (AFP Photo/)

REVEALED: Planned Parenthood killer believed Christ’s forgiveness meant he could get away with anything

An ex-wife said in court documents that the 57-year-old believes that “as long as he’s saved” by Jesus Christ, “he can do whatever he pleases.”
An image grab taken from a video released on March 17, 2014 by the Islamic State terrorist group allegedly shows ISIL fighters raising their weapons with the Jihadist flag at an undisclosed location (AFP)

The rise of ISIS, the war on terror, the attack on Paris — these are symptoms of a civilization in its twilight

Our war and their terror have accelerated in symbiosis. They are part of the same system, feeding off each other, fueling one another.
Image: Neo-Nazi skinhead photographed at rally (Chad Johnson/Flickr Creative Commons)

Seattle-area rally to celebrate racist terrorism proves ‘white supremacists are feeling emboldened’

The rally is an event known as “Martyr’s Day,” and the News-Tribune said that plans for the event include “a traditional cross burning and performances by white power bands.”
Carly Fiorina, the former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard, delivered a withering response to insulting comments about her looks that Donald Trump made in a recent magazine interview (AFP Photo/Frederic J Brown)

Our Ayn Randian dystopia: Here’s the secret five-step plan to privatize everything

At the heart of privatization is a disdain for government and a love of mindless individualism.

Here’s how far-right Christians incited stochastic terrorism at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood

After months of verbal assault against Planned Parenthood and against women more broadly, Republican Christianists have gotten what they were asking for—bloodshed.
Tamir Rice

Cleveland paper nixes Tamir Rice comment section: ‘A small army’ couldn’t stop the ‘cesspool’ of racism

"Rather than discuss the facts of the case, many commenters debased the conversation with racist invective. Or they made absurd statements about the clothing and appearance of people involved in the story."
Donald Spitz, of Army of God (Wikipedia Commons)

Anti-abortion movement continues to justify murder — even after Planned Parenthood killings

The mass shooting last week at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs has overturned the rock that anti-abortion extremists hide underneath — sending them scurrying out into the light.