Kirk Cameron speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Kirk Cameron on marriage: Wives should submit to husbands no matter how they are being treated

Former child star and heart throb of the TV show Growing Pains, Kirk Cameron, has apparently morphed into a giver of marriage advice that seems to come from a different decade.
Officer Jose Lopez caught smiling on dashcam video while his partner attacks Catherine Brown in a May 2013 encounter. (WBBM-TV)

Dashcam video shows Chicago cop smiling while attacking reverend with kids in her car

Rev. Catherine Brown said the two officers, Jose López and Michelle Morsi-Murphy, “beat me down to my underwear, pulled my skirt off me. They beat me with the sticks and hit me with their boots in my head.”
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer  at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner via Twitter

‘Outsider’ Bernie Sanders only candidate to show up at ‘insider’ White House Correspondents Dinner

Only one presidential candidate — the anti-establishment Bernie Sanders — showed up to rub shoulders with the Washington elite and other celebrities at the White House Correspondents Dinner.
Walt Whitman in photo by George C. Cox, 1887. (Wikipedia Commons)

Revealed: Walt Whitman penned ‘eyebrow-raising’ guide to ‘manly health’ — and it’s available online

Thirteen-part series unearthed from the New York Atlas, which lays out plan to ‘give America a far nobler physique’
In her highly anticipated testimony Hillary Clinton accepted -- as she has done in the past -- her share of blame for the Benghazi attack (AFP Photo/Saul Loeb)

With Clinton in the lead, Democrats begin pondering possible running mates

For Clinton, a diverse Democratic bench offers a wide array of possibilities – ranging from rising stars within the party to calculations rooted in demographics and the electoral map in November.
Anti-Trump protesters in Costa Mesa on Thursday (Kevin Warn/Courtesy OC Weekly)

Why is it okay for whites to riot but not okay when Mexicans do it? — OC Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano

"OC Mexican riots at least have more of a legitimate reason—anger against a political apparatus that despises them—than gabacho riots, which usually involve beer or drugs or some other bro excuse."
Daniel Berrigan (Twitter)

Activist priest and Vietnam war protester Daniel Berrigan dies at 94

The Jesuit priest and peace activist passed away on Saturday.
Larry Wilmore (Comedy Central)

Larry Wilmore: If Trump were president I’d make White House Correspondent Dinner all about him

Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore laughed at the thought of hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner during a Donald Trump presidency.
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (AFP)

Michael Bloomberg rips Sanders for promising ‘free health care and a pony’ in speech to college grads

“In 1928, Republicans promised a ‘chicken in every pot and a car in every backyard’ They won control of Congress and the White House, and a year later, instead of a chicken and a car, we got the Great Depression,” Bloomberg said.
Woman praying (Shuttershock)

‘You’re a sinner’: How the ‘Mormon Harvard’ shames rape victims

Brigham Young has told Madi Barney that she cannot register for future classes. She is no longer welcome at the institution her father attended before her, along with aunts and uncles and two cousins, a university that devout families consider the Harvard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Rachael Bostian, Theresa Hawkins-Stephens and Ramona Bostian

5-year-old dead and brother badly injured in abuse case so horrific that cops needed counseling

A 5-year-old boy died and his 6-year-old brother remains hospitalized after their mother and two other women brutally beat them for stealing food.