Young African woman (Shutterstock)

Texas couple brings Nigerian nanny to America — then turns her into a slave

A Texas couple was arrested on Monday for enslaving a Nigerian woman who they brought to the United States under the belief she would be caring for their children.
State Rep. Juan Mendez (Facebook)

Atheist lawmaker outsmarts Bible-thumping Arizona Republicans who tried to block his invocation

Mendez, an atheist, asked in early January to deliver the invocation Monday, when the Secular Coalition of Arizona would be visiting the Capitol — but his request was denied.
Katrina Pierson speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Trump spokesperson tells CNN: Donald Trump is like a ‘Founding Father’ when he says ‘p*ssy’

While speaking about GOP hopeful Ted Cruz at a rally in Manchester on Monday, Trump repeated an audience member’s description of the Texas senator. “She said he’s a p*ssy."
Muslim woman wearing a headscarf looks out a window (Shutterstock)

This study shows how the media fuels support for anti-Muslim discrimination — and even war

Since the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, news stories with negative portrayals of Muslims have dominated the media.
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton speak simultaneously. (REUTERS/Mike Segar)

Clinton, Sanders and the changing face of the Democratic Party

Last week’s debate in New Hampshire between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders over who is the “real progressive” said a lot about how they and the Democratic Party have changed over the past half-century.
Michele Bachmann (ABC News)

Michele Bachmann goes on insane anti-Muslim rant: Migrants are nuking Western Civilization with rape!

Michele Bachmann warned that Islamic terrorists don’t need nuclear bombs to destroy Western Civilization — because they have “rape culture.”
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) talks to Poppy Harlow on Jan. 27, 2016. (CNN)

Michigan state board approves petition to recall Rick Snyder — but not because of Flint

The board rejected nine petitions related to the issues in Flint because of spelling errors.
David Daleiden speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Indicted anti-abortion activists avoid federal judge’s order with new bogus anti-Planned Parenthood video

"The fact that he cut it in such a way to make it sound like I'm talking about him instead of a court case in the early 2000s is another example of how misleading of what he does is," National Abortion Federation President Vicki Saporta said.
Ben Hill Custom Cleaners owner Amin Chaudry (YouTube/screen grab)

Neighborhood revolts after dry cleaner says black ‘motherf**kers are more racist than anybody’

Protesters in Atlanta demanded a dry cleaner leave their neighborhood over the weekend after his racial rant was caught on video by a black customer.
Beyonce halftime Super Bowl performance. (Screenshot)

Angry cops throw a hissy fit over Beyonce’s ‘anti-police’ Super Bowl halftime show

During a Super Bowl party in Washington at the J.W. Marriott members of the National Sheriffs’ Association turned off the television in protest during Sunday’s halftime show.
Ted Cruz speaks in Raymond, N.H. (screen grab)

‘He’s possessed by a demon’: Man attempts exorcism on Ted Cruz during campaign event

Two men with mirrors and a wooden cross interrupted a campaign event in Raymond, New Hampshire to perform an exorcism on Ted Cruz on Monday, saying that the Republican presidential candidate was “possessed by a demon.”