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Gremlins (Screen capture)

UPDATED: S. Carolina Republican doubles down on calling gay couples 'Gremlins'

"All across the nation, I have had all these bigots calling me a bigot," Anthony Culler says in the seven-minute long statement.
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Oct. 20, 2014 [Rush Limbaugh Show]

‘We’re losing!’: Rush Limbaugh accused by fan of letting Republicans down

"Whatever you’re trying, Rush, is not working,” said the caller, who identified himself as a Michigan Republican named Ted. “You keep giving us hope, and we get our clocks cleaned. Five million less Republicans voted. We’re losing!”
Kirk Cameron (Provident Films/YouTube)

Kirk Cameron: Halloween masks mocking Obama celebrate Jesus defeating Satan

Fundamentalist actor Kirk Cameron recently urged Christians to embrace Halloween, arguing that it was a holiday that pagans had tried to steal from them.
Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley (tomfoleyct.com)

The real 47 percent: GOP candidate with a Ferrari pays no federal income taxes for third year

Foley spent $11 million of his own money seeking to become governor of Connecticut in 2010, but 2013 was the third year in a row that he effectively paid no federal income tax.
Man Holds Head With Group Of Empty Beer Bottles (Shutterstock)

Texas men accidentally shoot each other while firing at partygoers over beer pong loss

The Liberty County Sheriffs Office is looking for five men that reportedly opened fire at a party Sunday morning because they lost a drinking game.
Jon 'War Machine' Koppenhaver (Screenshot)

Cage-fighter War Machine blames anti-male society for his domestic violence in suicide note

He has been in medical isolation on suicide watch since he attempted to take his own life, and is due in court for a preliminary hearing on the 32 charges against him on November 14, 2014.
Jimmy Marr (KMTR)

Bagpipe-playing Oregon racist’s message backfires as community unites against hate

Jimmy Marr, who maintains an account at white supremacist website Stormfront, explained that “white genocide” partially refers to how the U.S. was founded by white Europeans, and how minorities have changed U.S. culture.
Child drinking large soda (Shutterstock)

Daily soda consumption not only expands your waistline — it destroys your DNA

Epel and Leung estimate that the consumption of one 20-ounce soda daily can be associated with 4.6 years of additional aging. The effect, then, is similar to that of smoking — as well as offsetting the benefits of regular exercise.
King Tutankhamun burial mask (Wikipedia Commons)

Revealed: King Tut had overbite, club foot because his parents were brother and sister

Historians know Tutankhamun owned 130 walking sticks and sat down to shoot bows and arrows, but they had not understood why until the testing was conducted.