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Armando Ruiz speaks to KPNX (screen grab)

Latino ex-lawmaker held at gunpoint for honking: Arizona cop wanted ‘any reason to shoot us’

Armando Ruiz told KPNX that he was on his way to church on Monday night with fellow churchgoer Monica Rivera when 51-year-old police officer Jeremy Sweet cut him off in the unmarked van.
Lutheran High School (Facebook)

South Dakota city refuses to remove birthday wishes for Jesus from its snowplows

The head of the ACLU of South Dakota, Heather Smith, said that “when the speech is displayed on public equipment that will be in use and could be viewed by the public as a state-sponsored message, the speech then becomes problematic.”
Pope Francis looks on as he leaves the Chiesa Del Gesu (AFP)

Creationists aren’t happy that Pope Francis ripped their worldview

"I encourage you to pray that church leaders like these will realize that they are placing man’s opinions above God’s Word and that they will repent and trust God’s Word, beginning in Genesis."
NYPD Sgt. Alberto Randazzo (WCBS)

Feds: New York City cop plotted with woman to molest her baby — and they recorded it all on Skype

At least 11 Skype video files were recovered by investigators. It was not clear why the woman agreed to molest her child. Both face up to 15 years in jail if convicted.
High school students in classroom (Shutterstock)

Five science ‘facts’ you learned at school that are just plain wrong

Taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell don’t even begin to cover the ways we sense the world, and it is not just paperclips that are magnetic. Both tomatoes and humans interact with magnetic fields, too.
Kimberly Ashcraft (WAVY)

Teacher told class she’d kill all black people if given 10 days to live: student’s mom

The sheriff told the TV station that other students confirmed the details, and Ramsey was suspended without pay. But she was back on the job after a couple of days.
Bryan Lee (Ohio State Police)

Former Ohio state trooper admits to coercing sex from handcuffed women

Lee, who served with the Ohio State Police from January 2006 to October 2013, also harassed and sent threatening electronic messages to a woman he pulled over twice in one month.
Pope Francis (AFP)

Only a scientist could fumble so badly the gift Pope Francis just handed science

I’m a huge fan of Why Evolution is True, the blog by University of Chicago biologist Jerry Coyne, who wrote a book by the same name. But he’s really blowing it when it comes to Pope Francis.
James Keady (foreground) confronts New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) at a public appearance on Oct. 29, 2014 [MSNBC]

Hurricane Sandy survivor: Chris Christie is sitting on $800 million meant for disaster relief

“Only 20 percent of those dollars have gotten to the people,” James Keady told MSNBC host Chris Hayes. “Of the $1.1 billion, $219 million has gone out."