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Rick Perry speaks to CNN on Feb. 23, 2014 [CNN]

Texas judge denies Rick Perry’s petition to drop abuse of power charges

The decision by Judge Bert Richardson will likely mean that the criminal case continues for several months as Perry travels the nation trying to build support for a presidential run.
Miguel_de_Cervantes via Wikipedia

Miguel de Cervantes’ coffin found after nine-month search

A nine-month search in a tiny chapel in Madrid for the long-lost remains of legendary Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes has taken a dramatic step forward with the discovery of what is believed to be the coffin of the Don Quixote author.
'Man holding a Bible' [Shutterstock]

Indiana teacher claims Christian principal got him fired for his atheist beliefs

The former teacher claims Rasler asked him about his religious and political beliefs before he was hired, and he said the principal led teachers in Christian prayer before meals during faculty meetings.
Duggar family (TLC)

Duggars refused to let midwife daughter be ‘exposed’ to unmarried pregnant relative

Jill Duggar, now 23, is a practicing midwife, and she wanted to help her sister-in-law’s younger sister give birth two years ago. But Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar would not allow their daughter participate.
dr oz via facebook

Busted: ‘Dr. Oz’ guest must repay $9 million to customers in ‘magic beans’ diet scam

A recent study found that half the medical claims made on The Dr. Oz Show had no scientific basis or were directly contradicted by available evidence.
Former Governor Sarah Palin speaking at the 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit (C-SPAN/Screenshot)

What does Sarah Palin’s incoherent Iowa catastrophe say about the conservative movement?

At this point, listening to a Sarah Palin speech is like being taped to a chair with conservative bumper stickers and having gimmick coffee mugs thrown at you.
'Real Time' host Bill Maher [YouTube]

Bill Maher: Robert E. Lee gave up Confederate symbols, so why can’t ‘redneck flag-hags’?

The comedian pointed out that Robert E. Lee, who commanded Confederate forces during the Civil War, swore an oath following his 1865 surrender to uphold the U.S. Constitution.
Carnell Alexander (WXYZ)

Michigan man faces jail over child support, even though DNA tests prove he’s not the father

“I’m almost homeless, I’m almost in jail, I am out of work — my money is threatened to be taken,” Alexander said.
Mike Pence speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Indiana’s NPR-hating Tea Party governor sets up state-run news agency to sidestep media

The communications directors and other government employees who will contribute content – including “straightforward news to lighter features, including personality profiles” – are already paid by state taxpayers.