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ruth bader ginsburg

Recuse yourself! Conservatives freak out after Ruth Bader Ginsburg slams Texas abortion law

Conservatives are demanding that Ruth Bader Ginsburg should recuse herself from hearing abortion cases on the U.S. Supreme Court after she made remarks about a restrictive Texas law.
New Drug Delivery Device (YouTube)

Don’t like needles? Futuristic new pill could inject drugs directly into your gut

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have designed a capsule that can deliver drugs more efficiently and effectively than injections under the skin.
Dillon Taylor (Facebook)

Cop cleared after shooting unarmed man complying with order to remove hands from waistband

Taylor’s blood-alcohol content at the time of his death was 0.18, more than twice the legal limit for driving. He was wanted on an outstanding warrant and wrote about his fear of returning to jail in a series of Facebook posts in the days before he was killed.
Ted Cruz speaks to ABC News

How right-wing conservatives are dog whistling about ISIS — and Latinos, too

Many Republicans have been depicting ISIS not primarily as a foreign concern, but as a domestic threat that may portend the invasion of America via our southern border with Mexico.
Handcuffed Prisoner in Jail  (Shutterstock)

Private prison worker tried to have inmate murdered: report

First it was drug smuggling and sex acts with inmates. Now it’s murder for hire.
Jason Cox

After strip club video contradicts police claims, jury sides with Oregon man beaten by cops

“Sorry this happened to you,” said juror Justin Browning after the trial. “It must be vindication. I know you’ve been through a lot.”
Musician and activist Tom Morello [official Tom Morello Facebook page]

Rocker Tom Morello blasted by Seattle bar owner for calling it ‘anti-worker’

Musician and progressive activist Tom Morello found himself in an online dispute with a Seattle bar and restaurant owner after denouncing the bar’s doorman during a recent visit.
Crime scene (AFP)

Southern California mayor allegedly shot and killed by his wife

Crespo was shot during a domestic disturbance at his residence. Bell Gardens is located about 10 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles.
Pennsylvania State Police salute as they line the streets outside St. Peters' Cathedral in Scranton, Pennsylvania September 18, 2014, as the casket carrying slain Pennsylvania State Police Trooper Corporal Bryon Dickson, 38, is carried into the cathedral for his funeral service. (REUTERS/Mike Segar)

Pennsylvania trooper accidentally shot dead during gun training

Kedra, a state police member since 2012, is the 96th state police officer to be killed in the line of duty.