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Kaci Hickox (center) via  MySpace

Quarantined nurse without Ebola symptoms: I’m being made to feel like ‘a criminal’

An American nurse published a scathing account of her treatment after being put in isolation in the United States following a stint caring for Ebola patients in West Africa, saying she was made to feel like “a criminal.”
Bill Donohue (CNN)

Catholic League leader calls for constitutional amendment banning gay marriage

Facing an onslaught of federal courts striking down bans on same-sex marriage, Catholic League President Bill Donohue has called upon Catholics to support a constitutional marriage amendment stating marriage may only be between one man and one woman.
Motorbike with police officer talking with driver (Shutterstock)

CHP officer admits to sharing stolen nude photos of female suspects with fellow officers for years

A California Highway Patrol officer accused of stealing nude photos from the cell phones of DUI suspects has told investigators he and other officers have been doing it for several years.
Pair of unwashed jeans (Shutterstock)

Why you should never, ever wash your jeans — unless you really, really have to

For anyone who’s invested in* (*forked out for) a pair of raw jeans, you’re confronted with a whole new attitude to washing – basically, don’t do it.
Rachel Maddow 070914 [MSNBC]

Rachel Maddow rips Fox News’ Megyn Kelly for made-up Colorado vote fraud ‘scandal’

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow took Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly to task for a deeply inaccurate story alleging that Democrats in Colorado are allowing people to print their ballots at home and hand them over to political operatives.
Arrested man in handcuffs (Shutterstock)

LA cop reportedly kicked cuffed man’s head like ‘a football player kicking a field goal’

A Los Angeles police officer has been suspended and is under investigation after video from a private security camera showed him reportedly beating a subdued suspect and kicking him in the head while he was on the ground.
Jared Diamond (HiraV - Own work)

Jared Diamond: ‘150,000 years ago, humans wouldn’t figure on a list of the five most interesting species on Earth’

The bestselling biogeographer talks about dealing with the critics who condemn him as a cultural imperialist.
Pistol firing (Shutterstock.com)

Indiana man shoots and kills 13-year-old neighbor for laughing at him

A Gary, Indiana man shot and killed a 13-year-old neighbor boy for laughing at him on Friday night.
Michelle Nunn (Facebook.com)

Activists say Democratic Senate hopeful Michelle Nunn has Georgia’s GOP running scared

Senate hopeful Michelle Nunn is polling ahead of Republican candidate David Perdue.