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Tony Tinderholt, Bethanny Tinderholt (Tinderholt Twitter account)

5-time-married Texas lawmaker scrawls complaint against judge who allowed same-sex marriage

A Texas lawmaker, currently in his fifth marriage, has submitted a hand-written complaint against a Texas judge — the wrong judge as it turns out — over a recent ruling allowing two women to get married after 30 years.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (AFP)

Dianne Feinstein: ‘Arrogant’ Netanyahu always says policies he disagrees with threaten Israel

Sen. Dianne Feinstein she plans to attend the scheduled speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before a joint session of Congress, but called the Israeli leader “arrogant.”
Tamir Rice

City of Cleveland: 12-year-old Tamir Rice caused his own death by failing to ‘avoid injury’

The city of Cleveland, Ohio is claiming that 12-year-old Tamil Rice’s death — as well as the pain and suffering caused to his family by it — was his own fault.
Richard Dawkins (Television Four)

Richard Dawkins: Science has evolved faster than human mind’s ability to understand it

In an interview with Television Four, British evolutionary biologist and noted atheist Richard Dawkins explained that the main reason that many scientific concepts are difficult to understand is that the human brain did not evolve to understand science.

What’s it like to get high on Salvia?

Some people literally forgot which way was up, or didn’t know if they owned their bodies anymore. Others felt their internal organs being pulled in directions across all three planes, and through extra dimensions they hadn’t known existed. And a few could “feel” objects by looking at them
Gun in a purse (Shutterstock)

Texas 3-year-old dies after shooting himself in head with gun he found in mother’s purse

"I'm thinking how horrible it is for a child that young to have access to a gun," a neighbor said. "You don't want to blame the parents, by any means, but if I had a 3-year-old child in the house, there wouldn't be a gun."
Regis Giles speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Fox News guest: Obama shouldn’t ban armor-piercing rounds because ‘tiny bullets’ can’t hurt cops

The ATF has said it wants to ban certain types of AR-15 ammunition because it can pierce the kind of body armor worn by police. Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested on Saturday that it was more about disarming citizens.
Protester in an Guy Fawkes 'Anonymous' mask (Family Business / Shutterstock.com)

‘Shut Down Homan Square’: Anonymous, Black Lives Matter swarm Chicago police ‘black site’

The Chicago police facility Homan Square was becoming the focus of an organized protest movement this weekend, as the hacktivist collective Anonymous and organizers associated with the Black Lives Matter movement seized on allegations of unconstitutional abuse at the secretive warehouse.
Skull in archaeological dig (Shutterstock)

Over 200 skeletons discovered in mass grave beneath Paris supermarket

The grisly discovery was made beneath a Monoprix supermarket on Rue Sebastopol in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris.