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Pistol and ammunition lying on table (Credit: Shutterstock)

Indiana dad cleaning gun shoots 9-month-old son in the head, and himself in the leg

"You can’t help that. If he’s choking, you can help that. If he’s cut, you can help that. You can’t help a baby that’s been shot in the head."

Why don’t Millennials vote? Cartoonist Matt Bors has the answer

Matt’s among the best political artists in the country and he seems to have an opinion about everything. So we wanted to know why other people his own age don’t have more interest in politics.
Mark Dayton attack ad (Screen capture)

Minnesota GOP ignores grandmother’s plea to stop using murdered boy’s photo in attack ad

Eric Dean was killed in February of 2013 by his stepmother after state child protective services failed to intervene in the abusive household. Republicans are using that failure as a way to smear incumbent Gov. Dayton.
Actor Felicia Day at the Hollyshorts Haiti Charity VIP Webisode Celebration (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Gamergate’s anti-woman agenda made clear: Actor Felicia Day threatened for speaking up

Gamer and actor Felicia Day has had her personal details posted online just minutes after making her first public statement about Gamergate -- in which she expressed fear about saying anything at all, in case she was targeted as a result.
Jonny Boggess (WOWK)

West Virginia man admits to raping pet dog, cops say — and neighbors aren’t surprised

State troopers said Jonnie Boggess, of Miami, admitted to a sexual encounter over the summer with the 2-year-old beagle mix named Piglet. The 47-year-old Boggess told investigators he found the animal in his bed after drinking.
'Group Of Happy Business People Standing Together' [Shutterstock]

Relax, Democrats: We figured out how to get Millennials to vote

By now, if you care about who controls the US Senate, you’re probably worn out watching the polls that are updated daily on many different websites. Especially if it’s the Democratic Party that you’re pulling for, whose fortunes just seem to keep on sinking.
Virginia Republican adviser Steve Waters (Facebook)

Top VA GOP adviser unhinged on Facebook: Gay sex leaves men in diapers, ‘pooping their pants’

When pressed for evidence on his diaper theory, Waters produced a link to a Christian website that claims homosexuality is “brimming with disease,” but does not mention anything about abused rectal muscles or diapering.
Sherri Ybarra (KTVB)

Idaho voters favor Republican plagiarist who lied about education and marital history

When questioned about her previous marriage, Ybarra said she did not recall how long she had been married or when exactly she was divorced: “My brain doesn’t operate in the past.”