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Swearing Harper County Sheriff’s deputy Vance Williams - screenshot/YouTube

WATCH: Kansas cop goes off on f*ck-filled rant, threatens to arrest man for asking him a simple question

A Kansas sheriff’s deputy has apologized after being suspended for going off on a profanity-laced tirade and threatening to arrest a man for asking a simple question about a property dispute incident in his neighborhood.
Unidentified woman yelling about speaking Spanish at an IHOP - screenshot/Facebook

‘Speak English! We don’t want the Nazi’s back!': Woman goes nuts after hearing Spanish at IHOP

In a video posted to Facebook, an elderly white woman went on a racist and oddly ahistorical tirade about the Nazis and the Russians after hearing another woman speaking in Spanish at an IHOP.
Melorani Safaris via Facebook

Pennsylvania doctor Jan Casmir Sieski becomes second American accused of killing lion in Zimbabwe: CBS

Wildlife authorities in the southern African nation named Jan Casmir Sieski of Pennsylvania as a suspect in an illegal lion hunt, CBS News reported Sunday.
Happy Norwegian (Shutterstock)

Norway’s police haven’t killed a single person in nearly 10 years

Police in Norway hardly ever use their guns, a new report released by the Scandinavian country’s government shows.
Handcuffs on cash (Shuttershock)

‘It was off the wall': FL police laundered millions in drug money overseas and enjoyed lavish lifestyle

An investigative report by the Miami Herald reveals that two local Florida police agencies engaged in a slick money laundering scheme ripped from a Hollywood movie.
Businessman David Koch arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrating the opening of "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" in Upper Manhattan, New York May 5, 2014. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri/Files)

Koch decries ‘corporate welfare’ at GOP retreat — but his firm gets millions in federal subsidies

Billionaire Charles Koch told a gathering of conservative donors Saturday that politicians must end taxpayer-funded subsidies and preferential treatment for corporations. That message, though, came from an industrialist whose company and corporate subsidiaries have raked in tens of millions of dollars worth of such largesse.
Subway spokesman Jared Fogle (Screenshot)

FBI seeking texts from Subway’s Jared boasting of paying for sex with 16-year-old he found on Craigslist

“Is this the same website you found that 16 year old you said that you f*cked?” the woman said. “I still can’t believe you only paid $100 for her.” Fogle wrote back: “It was amazing!!!!”
A woman at a Delaware Confederate flag rally Saturday (Screenshot/DelawareOnline)

Hundreds rallied in different states today in support of the Confederate flag

Hundreds gathered at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park today for a Confederate Flag rally, and others followed suit around the country.
Dentist Walter Palmer, Cecil the Lion

Barmaid: Lion killing dentist Walter Palmer shared photo and bragged about killing Cecil

Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who became a worldwide pariah after killing Zimbabwe’s “Cecil the lion,” reportedly showed pictures of the dead animal and boasted about killing him to a barmaid he was trying to dazzle.