The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, John Martin, 1852. (WikiCommons)

Tenn. county to consider resolution begging God to spare them ‘His coming wrath’ over same-sex marriage

The passed resolution beseeches God to not destroy Blount County — like He did Sodom and Gomorrah — for the sins of America.
Shaun King (Facebook)

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King will join the New York Daily News as a justice correspondent

A prominent activist with the Black Lives Matter movement has been hired by the New York Daily News as a senior justice correspondent.
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New Jersey priest pulled gun on 8-year-old because he’s a Dallas Cowboy fan

Kevin Carter alleged to have pointed musket at eight-year-old after he said he would support New York Giants’ rivals.
Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont speaking at a town meeting at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, Arizona (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Robert Reich destroys Washington Post’s hit piece on Bernie Sanders

The Washington Post just ran an attack on Bernie Sanders that distorts not only what he’s saying and seeking but also the basic choices that lie before the nation.
Nevada Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore - (Vote Fiore blog)

‘Cancer is a fungus’ lawmaker blames ‘villain gun-free zones’ for Oregon shooting

“Labeling a public place a ‘gun-free zone’ will not create a non-violent environment for citizens; in fact, it does the opposite. By creating this illusion, we, as a country, are putting targets on the backs of our children, our families and our selves,” she wrote.

Slavery in America was much worse than you probably imagined

A new book traces telling details that are not found in traditional American history books, where slavery is usually described as an amoral but cheap labor system.
Sandy Hook students escorted away from school - screencap

Take on the NRA: Here are 8 ways to stop gun massacres in the US

The gunman who murdered nine people at an Oregon campus this week had 13 firearms, all of which were purchased legally by shooter Chris Harper Mercer or a member of his family in the last three years.
Screenshot of John Hamlin Facebook post

Sheriff investigating Oregon massacre posted Sandy Hook truther video on Facebook

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin posted a video on his Facebook page that suggested the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax.
Protesters march through a McDonald's demanding a raise in the minimum wage to $15 per hour on December 4, 2014 in New York (AFP Photo/Andrew Burton)

How opponents of increasing the minimum wage pit worker against worker

The demand by the lowest-paid workers in the US that they be paid $15 an hour for their work – a fight backed by the union-led Fight for $15 movement – has triggered a new class war. Except this time, instead of cowering behind their golden gates, the rich – the owners, the CEOs, the investors – are standing on the sideline leaving the “working class” to fight among themselves.