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Here’s what Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about the Opioid epidemic

The Pharma-driven opioid epidemic may be as big a con as the mortgage housing bubble collapse.
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An expert explains why domestic extremists are a much bigger risk than foreign terrorists in America

An expert on extremism sees parallels between the rhetoric of Trump's GOP and that used to mobilize violence in Iraq and Kenya.
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Alabama teacher busted for assigning ‘math test’ based on 30-year-old racist meme

The unidentified teacher assigned their class at Burns Middle School a version of a document known online as the “L.A. Math Proficiency Test.”

Ayn Rand’s demented mind is best understood through the despicable ‘happy ending’ in ‘Atlas Shrugged’

An epic celebration of I've-got-mine-so-screw-youism.
Donald Trump speaking at his veterans fundraiser in Iowa in January (Photo: Screen capture)

How Trump scammed students and blames those who hold him accountable

A federal judge has granted the Washington Post its request to unseal documents related to Donald Trump’s now-defunct Trump University.
Border Patrol truck (AFP)

Woman says Montana Border Patrol agents assaulted her: ‘They said they have more power than police’

“I got scared. I got really scared. I said,’ Can you please call the police?'” 51-year-old Mary Ann Gill told Kelowna Now. “They said, ‘No, we’re not going to call the police.’"
Sheriff James 'Danny' Perkins (YouTube)

Right-wing Utah sheriffs threaten to arrest federal agents over bizarre conspiracy theories

“There is an agenda — and don’t kid yourself — there’s an agenda to get rid of the grazing, there’s an agenda to shut down our roads,” said Garfield County Sheriff James “Danny” Perkins.
James Dobson via Right Wing Watch (YouTube)

Evangelist James Dobson laments the lack of transgender shooting victims in unhinged anti-Obama rant

The article, which was picked up on World Net Daily, detailed Dobson’s beliefs that use of bathroom facilities by “the opposite sex” now demand that Christian manhood assert itself to stop the practice.
The Angry Birds Movie (Screen cap)

White supremacists want everyone to see the new ‘Angry Birds’ movie — and here’s why

White supremacists just don’t get a lot of love in popular culture, which is why they typically have to appropriate music, movies and art that have nothing to do with white nationalism and claim them as their own.
Richard Nixon and King Faisal at the Riasa Palace on July 15, 1974 (National Archives)

REVEALED: Saudi Arabia using secret 1974 US debt deal to block the release of 9/11 information

The diplomatic and economic agreement was reached in July 1974, at the height of the oil crisis, on the condition of secrecy — but newly revealed documents show how the kingdom entangled its fortune with the economic survival of the U.S.