Angry businessman holding a gun (Shutterstock)

‘It’s insane’: Combat veterans shoot down NRA ‘fantasy world’ of ‘good guys with guns’

Stephen Benson first learned during Navy SEAL training that carrying a gun would be more likely to expose him to gun violence.
Shocked student (Shutterstock)

GOP bill would let parents sue schools if transgender students are ‘up to no good’ in bathrooms

Kremer told The Wisconsin State Journal that he wanted to protect female students from someone posing as a transgender student who was “up to no good.”
Man with knife (Shutterstock)

Knife-wielding Minnesota man yells racial slurs and chases 13-year-old girl who mocked his neo-Nazi tattoos

Jamie Lee Chris Schammel, 35, was arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and making terrorist threats.
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Georgia school pays up after teacher tells first-grader his mom is ‘bad’ because she doesn’t believe in God

A Georgia public school agreed to stop two teachers from praying in class and promoting their religious beliefs to children, but only after a secular group filed a lawsuit.
Amanda Helaine Borden Kimbrough (Colbert County Sheriff's Office)

This woman was locked up in a notoriously tough Alabama prison because of a stillbirth

“It creates a burden on all fertile women – because once there is a fertilized egg something they did yesterday that wasn’t a crime could be a crime today. So if they are taking painkillers for a painful back, they are now guilty of a crime.”
Luke V. Gatti (YouTube)

WATCH: College brat who called cop N-word gets taken down by cafeteria staff during mac and cheese tantrum

A drunk UConn student who threw a fit after the student union cafeteria ran out of bacon jalapeño mac and cheese was arrested on Monday.
Ralph Sawyer (KDSK)

Missouri pastor stole more than $21,000 from church to pay hush money to young mistress: police

Ralph Sawyer was charged with a felony count of theft after prosecutors said he ripped off money from Lindsay Lane Missionary Baptist Church in Florissant, where he served as a pastor.
Stephen Maiorino (Screenshot/YouTube)

Florida cop cleared of rape charges after defense uses old photo of victim posing in ‘similar’ position

Michael Salnick, Maiorino’s attorney, used as evidence a picture of the woman in high school, where she posed bent over the hood of a car with her hands behind her back which he said was “strikingly similar” to the one the woman found herself in at the alleged crime scene.
Hayden Long (WEWS)

Teen blames school for friend’s suicide after turning weed bust ‘into a life-changing catastrophe’

An Ohio teenager took his own life after school officials and police “verbally attacked” him for smelling like marijuana.