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Records reveal Minnesota priests raped hundreds of kids for decades — and church buried the evidence

Personnel records made public on Tuesday revealed that Catholic priests at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota engaged in a sustained and coordinated campaign of child rape.
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Lawyer for Chicago cop says Laquan McDonald video is unreliable because it is 2-dimensional

“Video by its nature is 2-dimensional. It distorts images. So what appears to be clear on a video sometimes is not always that clear,” Herbert said.

Broken treaties, cultural genocide and murder: Here are 5 ways the US has ‘given thanks’ to Native Americans

American historian David Stannard argued in his book American Holocaust that the annihilation of the Native Americans was by far the largest genocide in world history.
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REVEALED: Accused Minneapolis shooters fascinated with guns, militia groups and the Confederacy

A group of racist white men went looking for trouble at a Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis — and when they found it, they opened fire.

Here’s how delusional nostalgia is killing the white working class

Half of white Americans think the racial tables have turned against them.
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It’s not just racism: Why do American cops kill so many people compared to European cops?

Historic rates of fatal police shootings in Europe suggest that American police in 2014 were 18 times more lethal than Danish police and 100 times more lethal than Finnish police, plus they killed significantly more frequently than police in France, Sweden and other European countries.

Here are the top 6 super weird under $30 holiday gifts you never knew you needed

Throughout the holiday season, we’ll be featuring “Raw Deals” to help you find fun gifts for friends and family members — and for yourself!
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Here are 8 shitty things your ‘totally not racist’ aunt is going to gripe about on Thanksgiving

There’s no avoiding the fact that your racist aunt is going to not only show up, but also drink too much Prosecco.
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Dozens of ‘white student unions’ have mysteriously materialized on social media in the last week

Groups claim to speak for students at Stanford, New York University, University of Missouri and elsewhere, but their origins are uncertain.
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Arkansas couple charged with manslaughter after 2-year-old son shoots and kills himself

An Arkansas couple has been charged with manslaughter after their 2-year-year old son accidentally shot himself with a .45 caliber pistol and died of a wound to his head.
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UPDATE: Minneapolis police arrest three in shooting of Black Lives Matter protesters

Minneapolis police on Tuesday arrested three men in the shooting of five people near a police station where demonstrators have gathered for more than a week to protest the killing of an unarmed black man by police officers.