Martin Shkreli talks to Maria Bartiromo (Screenshot/Fox Business)

More woes for ‘Pharma Bro’: IRS hits Martin Shkreli with $4.6 million tax lien

The agency filed a lien against Shkreli in New York City last month, seeking $4,625,496.70 in taxes from 2014, as well as $3,431.85 in unpaid taxes from 2013. Neither Shkreli nor his attorney have commented regarding the matter.
Rep. Mark Formby 

Miss. Republican wants to let creationist and climate skeptic teachers push their views in class

Rep. Mark Formby (R) said a constituent approached him with concerns about a teacher that was questioned for bringing up creationism. “I just don’t want my teachers punished in any form or fashion for bringing creationism into the debate."
Senator Ted Cruz (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Activists rip Ted Cruz after endorsement by ‘abhorrent’ anti-Semitic preacher

Kansas pastor Mike Bickle endorsed Cruz. He also runs a campaign of his own called the “Israel Mandate,” which has the goal of “partnering with Messianic Jews for the salvation of the Jewish people."
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton during a Democratic presidential debate on January 17, 2016 (Screenshot)

The Bernie super delegate panic is based on lazy reporting — here is what’s really going on in the DNC

As the Democrats head to Nevada, Bernie Sanders has 36 delegates, Hillary Clinton has 32, but you might not know that if you’ve been exposed to some sensational journalism suggesting that Clinton is in the lead.
Actress Zoe Saldana (Shutterstock)

Latino A-listers from Carlos Santana to Zoe Saldana slam GOP racism — and not just Trump

A-list Latino celebrities signed on to an open letter ripping the GOP’s presidential field for "capitalizing on negative stereotypes and inaccurate information about our community."
David Fry (YouTube)

Oregon standoff finally over: Holdout David Fry surrenders after threatening suicide or war

David Fry, the last remaining militant at the occupied Oregon nature preserve, finally surrendered after nearly two hours of tense negotiations.
Reba Bowser and her son, Ed photographed after attempting to register to vote (Facebook)

This 86-year-old Republican woman is the face of the GOP’s fake war on voter fraud

Reba Bowser is an 86-year-old Republican, but thanks to the North Carolina’s voter I.D. laws, she may not be able to vote in November’s election.
Two black holes collide (University of Glasgow)

Gravitational waves are the physics discovery of the century — here’s how it happened and what it means

One hundred years ago Albert Einstein in his general theory of relativity predicted the existence of a dark side to the cosmos.
Sandy and Sean Anderson (Facebook)

‘Just kill us and get it over with’: Hear the dramatic phone call that may have ended the Oregon standoff

Four remaining holdouts negotiated the terms of their surrender in a tense conversation with a Nevada lawmaker overheard by tens of thousands of people online.
Clemson Professor Chenjerai Kumanyika attends a Donald Trump campaign event (screen grab)

‘You are no longer welcome’: Cops at Trump event boot peaceful black professor wearing headscarf

Two black men said this week that Donald Trump’s campaign ordered Secret Service and law enforcement officers to remove them from a rally in Clemson, South Carolina for no apparent reason.
Cliven Bundy speaks to CNN (screen grab)

BUSTED: Rancher and right-wing tax-dodging darling Cliven Bundy arrested in Oregon

Cliven Bundy was arrested late Wednesday night at the Portland International Airport for “federal charges related to the 2014 standoff at his ranch” in Nevada.