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John Byrne
Executive Editor

John was born in Manhattan in March, 1981. He’s spent most of his life in Massachusetts, except for the four years in college at Oberlin, a liberal arts school in Ohio, where he majored in history and English.

His principal work experience has been in print journalism, including a stint as a local correspondent for the Boston Globe, a Washington bureau reporter for McClatchy newspapers and the editor of two college newspapers.

His entrepreneurial panache led him to found a newspaper and a magazine while still in college. This is his first venture with an online news site, and his largest trafficked venture to date, drawing more than 750,000 unique visitors each week. Raw Story has been linked from and featured in The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, Newsweek, The Toronto Star, The New York Post, LA Weekly, Roll Call and various other publications.

John specializes in investigative and Congressional reporting. He has broken numerous stories, including the devastation wreaked by the anthrax vaccine; several corruption scandals in the U.S. Congress surrounding disgraced conservative lobbyist Jack Abramoff; the outing of Congressman David Dreier and the relevation conservative newspapers in his home district participated in a deliberate effort to keep Dreier's sexuality out of their pages; proof that President Bush was Absent Without Leave from the Texas Air National Guard, and was the first site to carry the gay sex voicemail of Rep. Ed Schrock (R-Va.), who has since resigned. The site is often the first to carry advance copies of news stories, speeches and announcements before they are released to the public or the press. John also operates The Internet Whip, a corollary Raw Story column.

As an employer, he is demanding and anal-retentive. He has a capacious vocabulary, which many find needlessly bombastic and otherwise irritating. He once dubbed Hillary Clinton the Democrats’ “leading doyenne” and the members of Congress “tetrarchs.” He is not, however, as pretentious as Maureen Dowd.

John’s first publication was called QuikNews, a front and back photocopy he distributed at recess in elementary school. It had all the prerequisites of ten-year-old life: a word search, a sports column and a prize. The prize was a handful of candy bars and a dozen or so of his father’s notepads. He donated the $12 raised in the raffle to a local homeless shelter.

No, this is not a joke.

Most of his time he spends working on the site or responding to the panoply of emails associated with its operation. Currently, he lives in Washington, D.C.