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Blunt PAC's biggest donor made fortune from phone sex

Published: January 25, 2006

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Acting Majority Leader Roy Blunt's political action committee received its biggest contributions from the coffers of a "world class phone sex operator," according to today's edition of Roll Call.

Excerpts follow:


Seeing as he's an outspoken social conservative, some folks were surprised to find out that one of the largest contributors to Rep. Roy Blunt's (R-Mo.) political action committee last year was a businessman who made his fortune in the 1990s off the phone-sex business.


Jeffrey Prosser, dubbed by the Columbia Journalism Review in a 1998 story "a world-class phone-sex operator," gave $5,000 to Blunt's Rely On Your Beliefs fund in 2005 and his wife, Dawn Prosser, gave another $5,000, making them the largest donor couple to Blunt’s PAC.


Blunt's ROYB Fund executive director, Keri Ann Hayes, said the Congressman had no clue that Prosser was a 1-900 kind of a guy. "Mr. Blunt was not aware of the colorful history of this individual contributor when his PAC accepted the donation," she said.

Hayes said Blunt will not return the money because "the funds were given in a 100 percent legal and ethical fashion."


Read the full, registration-restricted article here.


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