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Prosecutor meets judge in leak case


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Patrick Fitzgerald, the Special Prosecutor appointed to investigate the outing of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson, met with U.S. District Judge Thomas Hogan, the New York Sun reported on its website today.

RAW STORY has reposted the details here since the Sun's website appeared to be loading slowly/not loading due to heavy traffic.

"As reporters massed outside an elevator lobby leading to the grand jury rooms, the special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, apparently slipped out a back exit to conduct the noontime meeting with Judge Hogan," the Sun's Josh Gerstein wrote.


Fitzgerald's meeting with Hogan could signal that he is seeking an extension of the grand jury. It could also mean -- if he met the judge with the foreman of the jury -- that he was presenting indictments to the judge.

CNN later reported that the meeting lasted 45 minutes. If indictments have been handed down, the Fitzgerald camp isn't talking, and neither are lawyers involved in the case.

It would be a crime for Fitzgerald or his team to leak details of the indictments before they are issued publicly.

Originally published on Wednesday October 26, 2005.


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