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Slap: Democrat says DeLay claim he's done nothing wrong a "myth"


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The ranking Democrat on the House Rules Committee, Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) issued a release titled "FACT CHECK" late Wednesday afternoon, saying former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's claim that he'd done nothing wrong was a "myth," RAW STORY has learned.

MYTH -- says the release -- and prints DeLay's statement: "I have done nothing wrong. I have violated no law, no regulation, no rule of the House. I have done nothing unlawful, unethical, or, I might add, unprecedented..."

FACT, it continues: "Tom DeLay holds the dubious distinction of being the most admonished member of Congress ever."


The "fact" checks out. DeLay has received more admonishments than any other member of Congress in U.S. history. It's unclear, however, that DeLay was referring to previous ethical transgressions with his most recent statements.

DeLay was admonished by the House Ethics Committee last year after a complaint from Texas Democrat Chris Bell who was later ousted when the state was redistricted.

He was admonished for three counts in one week, among them: participation in and facilitation of an energy company golf fundraiser that the Ethics Committee found had created an appearance that donors were being provided special access to him regarding the then-pending energy legislation; his intervention in a partisan conflict in the Texas House of Representatives that used the Federal Aviation Administration to try and locate a plane carrying Democrats; and an offer to endorse a congressman's son in exchange for a vote in favor of the Medicare bill.

Eric Burns, Slaughter's communications director, formerly served on the staff of ousted Rep. Bell, who filed the complaint against DeLay last year.

Originally published on Wednesday September 28, 2005.


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