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Bush to unveil Iraq strategy after December 31

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Tuesday December 12, 2006

Washington- US President George W Bush will unveil his new
Iraq strategy after New Year, the White House said Tuesday, dousing
speculation that he would give a major speech within two weeks.
No date has been set for when Bush will talk about "the way
forward" in Iraq, his chief spokesman Tony Snow said. But he
downplayed media reports suggesting it could happen before the
Christmas holidays, which begin December 24.

"That is not going to happen until the new year," Snow told
reporters in Washington.

Bush had a video conference Tuesday with US military commanders in
Iraq, which included a "vigorous discussion" of possible options as
US strategy moves ahead, Snow said.

It was the latest in a series of meetings and talks with top
aides, military leaders and Iraqi officials as Bush seeks to chart a
way forward in the war in Iraq.

Last week, a panel co-chaired by former US secretary of state
James Baker III recommended that the US start pulling back its
140,000 soldiers in Iraq into support roles, relaunch Middle East
peacemaking and seek talks with Iraqi neighbours Syria and Iran.

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