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Inmate "very probably" ate parts of fellow prisoner, autopsy shows

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Friday January 5, 2007

Rouen, France- An autopsy conducted on a murdered inmate of
a prison in the French city of Rouen showed that the fellow prisoner
who allegedly killed him "very probably" ate parts of his body, the
city's public prosecutor said Friday.
Joseph Schmit said in a statement that the autopsy revealed that
certain organs had been removed from the victim's corpse, "rendering
the alleged killer's confession of cannibalism very probably true."

On Thursday, Schmit had rejected the claims by the confessed
killer, who said he had removed and devoured the 31-year-old victim's

In Friday's statement, Schmit said that he had learned late
Thursday that two pieces of muscle had been removed from the victim's
rib area and that "the upper part of the left lobe of the victim's
lung were missing."

The body of the victim, with a large wound in the chest area, was
discovered early Wednesday in the cell he shared with two others. All
three prisoners were in temporary custody on charges of having
committed crimes or misdemeanors of a sexual nature.

The murderer apparently struck his victim with his fists and feet,
then used scissors and a razor on him before finally suffocating him
with a plastic bag, Schmit had said Thursday.

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