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More than 34,000 civilians killed in Iraq in 2006

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Tuesday January 16, 2007

Geneva- Latest figures from the UN in Iraq show a total of 34,452 civilians were killed in the country last year and 36,685 wounded as a result of sectarian violence and unrest. In its latest update Tuesday, the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq, UNAMI published figures for November and December which showed 6,376 civilians were killed and 6,875 were wounded.

This shows a very slight fall compared with the previous four months when the violence heightened.

UNAMI figures showed 6,599 people were killed in July and August with numbers peaking in September and October when more than 7,000 people died, the majority in Baghdad.

The report said the situation remained "particularly bad" in Baghdad where most bodies bore signs of torture.

Revenge killings, lack of accountability for past crimes and impunity for current human rights violations were identified as the "root causes" of the violence.

"It is essential that the State and Government of Iraq are seen as united in their efforts to contain and eventually eradicate sectarian violence." said the report.

This was the only way "to ensure the rule of law" and remove the "popular basis for the perpetrators of this violence."

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