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Radar: The secret CIA past of CNN's Anderson Cooper

Published: Wednesday September 6, 2006

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CNN's Anderson Cooper spent summers interning for a career with the Central Intelligence Agency, according to a report at a gossip website.

"Following his sophomore and junior years at YaleŚa well-known recruiting ground for the CIAŚCooper spent his summers interning at the agency's monolithic headquarters in Langley, Virginia, in a program for students interested in intelligence work," reports Radar Online.

"His involvement with the agency ended there, and he chose not to pursue a job with the agency after graduation, according to a CNN spokeswoman, who confirmed details of Cooper's CIA involvement to Radar," the article continues.

Excerpts from the article:


"Whatever summer jobs or internships our anchors had in college couldn't be less consequential," she added. He has kept the experience a secret, sources say, out of concern that, if widely known, it might compromise his ability to travel in foreign countries and even possibly put him at greater risk from terrorists.


According to the spokeswoman, Cooper told his bosses at CNN about his time with the agency. But even if he hadn't, says Walter Isaacson, who headed the network from 2001 to 2003 and is now president of the Aspen Institute, it's not the sort of thing that would automatically require disclosure, since the stint was brief and far in the past.