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32 dead, plus gunman, at two Virginia Tech buildings
Michael Roston
Published: Monday April 16, 2007
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Virginia Tech President Charles Steger confirmed today that 32 victims plus the gunman had been killed at Virginia Tech this morning.

The description by the Blacksburg, Virginia police chief suggested that the gunman had gone on a rampage, killing victims in various locations at one of the sites of violence. He said there were 31 deaths at the academic building Norris Hall, including the gunman, with 15 other victims still being treated for injuries. Two more were confirmed dead at the West Ambler Johnston dormitory, where the first shots were fired earlier in the morning.

The university president said that the identity of the gunman had not yet been confirmed. The police had also not yet conclusively determined that the shootings at the two buildings were linked.

Steger later added that the university campus had not been evacuated after the first incident, which occurred around 7:15 AM, because it was believed to be a "domestic incident," and the Blacksburg police chief also said there was reason to believe that the gunman at the first site had left campus.

RAW STORY reported this morning that students had been advised not to leave their residences or classrooms because there was a gunman on campus.

The Virginia Tech police chief claimed that shots had not been exchanged between the gunman and police. Shooting victims were found in different locations at Norris Hall, he added. Some bodies of fatalities were still in the locations they were shot at the building.

He also could not confirm whether or not reports that the gunman had chained up the doors at Norris Hall were true. But he did say if the doors were chained by someone other than the shooter, it would be "unusual."