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Alleged pedophile prosecutor sought 'young girls,' online profiles reveal
Nick Juliano
Published: Thursday September 20, 2007

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In his day-to-day life John David Roy Atchison appeared to be your typical family man: a successful federal prosecutor and girls basketball coach who accompanied his wife and three children to youth sporting events on weekends.

Online, though, Atchison, 53, was living a secret life as "daddy" who wanted to fulfill fantasies of changing diapers and taking care of little girls.

The two worlds collided this week when Atchison was arrested at an airport in Detroit, where prosecutors say he traveled from his home in Pensacola, Fla., intending on having sex with a 5-year-old girl.

His profile on hi5, the site where he first contacted the undercover officer in Michigan, displays 189 "friends" nearly all of whom appear to be underage girls, some purporting to be as young as 4.

"I adore everything about young girls, how they talk, think, act, look," he says. "Love to meet cute girls from anywhere."

Investigators say Atchison's MySpace profile uses abbreviations indicating he wants to meet adult or teen "babies," reports the Macomb Daily.

Atchison, who has been sitting in a Michigan jail cell since his arrest Sunday, tried to kill himself Thursday, but guards managed to sto him in time.

His MySpace profile, along with others that RAW STORY accessed Thursday, indicates Atchison would like to meet "DL [diaper-loving] girls needing a Daddy to pamper, spoil, change and take care of them."

A Yahoo profile for fldaddy04 -- the same screen-name Atchison used on MySpace -- says his favorite quote is, "What a cute little butt!"

His hobbies are listed as: "surfing, skiing, diving, boating, young girls, petite girls, skinny girls, TB/AB [teen baby/adult baby] girls, girls of all ages who like to dress and act young, and girls who like girls."

The assistant US Attorney from Pensacola Florida was active on Internet message boards catering to infantilism -- a fetish whose practitioners like to act like babies or little girls. On one message board, a woman describes being in "LG [little girl] mode" when "wearing wet or poopy pants never worries me and I'm quite happy to wait until Daddy is ready to change me."

Atchison replied as "fldaddy04, "[T]hat's exactly what I like in a little girl."

After being arrested at the airport in Detroit, MI, Atchison has been suspended by a youth sports organization where he coached. Atchison's boss, Bush-appoionted US Attorney Gregory R. Miller, was "deeply saddened" by news of Atchison's arrest and said his office is cooperating with the investigation.

Police said he discussed having sex with a 5-year-old girl in conversations with an undercover officer he thought was the girl's mother. He promised to be "gentle and loving" and bragged that he had "done it plenty."