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Rooney: Imagine a Queen Bush ruling for 55 years
David Edwards and Nick Juliano
Published: Monday August 20, 2007

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In his weekly commentary of 60 Minutes this week, Andy Rooney considered the practical and superficial differences between the US and British governments.

Beginning with a call for a new presidential election now -- "four years is a long time," he says -- Rooney observes that Great Britain, unlike the US, has a mechanism for removing its Prime Minister if Parliament disagrees with him.

"No one can say how many votes President Bush would get if we did have another election tomorrow. For all we know he might win in a landslide. I don't think so but he might," Rooney said.

The British also have a Queen who "does a lot of the dirty work for her prime minister," Rooney observes.

"Elizabeth has been Queen of England for 55 years now. Imagine having Bush as president for 55 years," Rooney muses.

"Maybe we should get ourselves a Queen, though. I bet President Bush would like to have one," Rooney said. "For one thing, he has to waste so much time every day, posing for pictures. A queen in the White House could do all this ceremonial stuff for him."

Rooney also says US taxpayers should pay for the president's wardrobe because "he wouldn't have to have so many suits if he weren't president."

"The president dresses a lot more casually at his ranch in Texas, always looks like a cowboy," Rooney says. "Of course a lot of people wish President Bush would go to Texas, put on his cowboy clothes and stay there."

The following video is from CBS's 60 Minutes, broadcast on August 19.