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Daily Show asks: Is America ready for a FLILF?
Mike Aivaz and Nick Juliano
Published: Tuesday October 30, 2007
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Kucinich's wife told, 'Your husband's a FLILF hunter'

As most of the media pores over poll numbers, handicaps the presidential horse race and analyzes each presidential candidate's proposals, Comedy Central's Daily Show decided to ask a different question: Is America ready for a FLILF?

Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones examined the groundbreaking potential within the candidacies of Fred Thompson and Dennis Kucinich -- each, he says, would bring an absolute knock-out along to become the country's First Lady. Just how dangerous would a FLILF be?

Jones began by talking to an expert on First Ladies through history, and he had to explain the meaning behind his question. A FLILF, he said, is "basically just like a MILF, in the White House." MILF, a crude colloquialism, stands for "Mother I'd Like to F--k."

"To better understand this impending threat, I faced it head on," Jones says before sitting down for an interview with Elizabeth Kucinich, the 29-year-old, red-haired, fair skinned beauty married to the long-shot Democratic candidate.

A playful Kucinich was coy when Jones asked if America is ready for a FLILF and she asked him for an explanation of the term's meaning.

"What's a FLILF? A FLILF is an acronym, also a palindrome," Jones sputtered. "Your husband would be a FLILF hunter."

The following video is from Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, broadcast on October 29, 2007