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Fox News pushes claim Media Matters is 'criminal enterprise'
David Edwards
Published: Tuesday October 2, 2007

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On the Sept. 28 broadcast of his radio show, host Mark Levin concluded that Media Matters is a "criminal enterprise."

Fox News -- on air -- went beyond reporting Levin's remarks by inviting guests to debate the legality of the media watchdog group.

"I believe every time they file a tax return telling the government that 'we're non-political, non-partisan,'...I believe that they're committing perjury," Levin said during excerpts of his show rebroadcast by Fox.

"If there was ever a lawsuit against this group," he continued, "and there was full discovery of emails and phone logs and testimony under oath or in depositions, the whole game would be up and they'd be completely exposed for what they are -- which is a criminal enterprise."

Democratic strategist Regina Calcaterra, who appeared on the Fox and Friends program to defend Media Matters, said Levin, who is a lawyer, should be "concerned about making frivolous allegations that can lead to malpractice sanctions."

"If Media Matters is educational and it is not lobbying or is not endorsing a candidate, it is legally permissible. Just like the Heritage Foundation," she continued, referencing a prominent conservative think tank that is also non-profit.

"Liberals have used unions in the past, and now they're using tax payers to pay for their propaganda," countered Fox News analyst Angela McGlowan, who added that "the Heritage Foundation comes out with policy papers. What does Media Matters come out with? Lies."

The following video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast on October 2.