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Video: Daily Show offers new retelling of Comey intrigue
Published: Friday May 18, 2007
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Taking another look at the growing scandal surrounding the Justice Department, Daily Show host Jon Stewart blasted the Bush administration this week for what many see as it’s reckless legal practices and defiance of the Constitution.

On Tuesday night’s show, Stewart showed testimony delivered this week by former Justice Department official James Comey recounting an effort to apply pressure on former Attorney General John Ashcroft. Comey, who served as acting Attorney General while Ashcroft was hospitalized for surgery, recalled current Attorney General Alberto Gonzales arriving to Ashcroft’s hospital bed hoping to see him approve the administration’s warrant-less wiretapping program. Responding to the testimony, New York Senator Charles Schumer said that “It makes you almost gulp.”

“Almost gulp?!” Asked Stewart in response. “Almost gulp? What is it going to take to make you actually gulp? Do these guys have to sodomize the declaration of independence in front of you?” Offering his own retelling of the story, Stewart narrated a piece entitled "Donde Estas...Ashcroft?," a telenova version of the controversial testimony.