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MySpace deletes ability of users to self-identity as 'Gay'
Michael Roston
Published: Thursday May 3, 2007
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The popular social networking site MySpace appears to have eliminated the ability of users to list their sexual orientation as 'Gay' within their profiles.

The screen shot below shows that the function that allows MySpace users to edit their personal profiles has eliminated 'Gay' as an option under the 'Background and Lifestyles' section. Curiously, users can still list themselves as 'Lesbian' or 'Bi.'

RAW STORY's call to MySpace was not returned at press time.

Some bloggers accused the website of foul play.

"Murdoch decided to push his own little agenda and make some changes," asserted blogger Howie Klein, at Down With Tyranny, suggesting that News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch, who owns MySpace, had made the change to advance an ideological agenda.

Klein referred to a quote that Murdoch made on family values as evidence of his claim.

"I believe it is wrong. I’m considered homophobic and crazy about these things and old fashioned. But I think that the family – father, mother, children – is fundamental to our civilisation," Murdoch said to England's Independent in July 2006, referring to gay marriage.

But at another website, a spokesperson apparently identified a 'technical problem' as the source of absence.

"It is only a technical issue, which will be resolved as quickly as possible," the MySpace spokesman apparently told GenerationQ's Chris Pycroft.

The spokesperson also apparently said that MySpace staff "were not aware of Mr Murdoch's stance on homosexuality."

Another website, in Australia, also claimed to have spoken with a spokesperson who offered a technical explanation.

"A spokesperson from Myspace has since confirmed that this is in fact a technical glitch in the system and that they’re working on a fix today," the website SameSame reported.

The spokesperson reportedly added, "We 100% do not have any anti-gay policies at Myspace. I can’t speak for Rupert Murdoch, but as an organisation we’re very open actually."

Although another technical problem was referred to in a May 2 posting on the MySpace 'Updates' blog, the deletion of the Gay sexual orientation option had not been flagged.