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Video: 'MC Karl Rove' proves 'white men can't dance'
David Edwards and Mike Sheehan
Published: Thursday March 29, 2007
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In this video, Karl Rove busts a move at the Radio and Television Correspondents' Dinner in Washington, D.C. last night. The annual tongue-in-cheek event last year featured a stinging roast from Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert.

CNN presented video clips first of President Bush in a quip about the "Attorneygate" scandal, then of his top aide Karl Rove attempting to dance. After the video, an amused Soledad O'Brien said, "File that under White Men Cannot Dance."

A transcript of the "rap" that accompanied Rove's hip-hop nightmare follows the video.


ROBERTS: The president can't avoid the scandal at the Justice Department. He faced it head on, with humor. President Bush speaking at the Radio and Television Correspondence Dinner in Washington last night admitted that when it came to the firings of the 8 U.S. Attorneys, yes, mistakes were made.


BUSH: You in the press have certainly had a lot to report lately. Take the current controversy. I have to admit, we really blew the way we let those attorneys go. You know you botched it when people sympathize with lawyers.


ROBERTS: And then there are some things that absolutely defy words. Take a listen to this.


ANNOUCER: Yo, get out your gun because you're shooting quail. This man who never stops -- look at him, jumping up and down, ready to hop.

ANNOUCER: He's got so much to prove -- tell me you never saw this man move.

ANNOUCER: Doin' the dance -- the Karl Rove dance -- Doin' the dance -- the Karl Rove Dance

ANNOUCER: MC Rove, tell me, what is your name?


ANNOUNCER: See him later hanging in the cove -- tell me, what is your name?


ANNOUNCE: Doin' it right and he really strolls -- One more time, what's your name?


ANNOUNCE: Give it up for MC Rove in the house.



O'BRIEN: File that under "White men can't dance." -- Oh, my goodness. Karl Rove as you've never seen him before. -- and hopefully never again.

ROBERTS: Something about Washington that makes people nuts. I'm not sure what it is.

O'BRIEN: That was very funny. Well, they always do that at that dinner. The whole point is a spoof and joke.

ROBERTS: Yes, I know, but still.

O'BRIEN: [Waving arms in air] What's with this?

ROBERTS: [Waving arms in air] It's this one that got me. You know, the Egyptian thing.

O'BRIEN: He was workin' it. He was trying. Got to give him points for that.