Dem strategist: GOP needs 'ideological vasectomy'
Published: Thursday March 12, 2009

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Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis thinks the Republican party must undergo a painful and potentially dangerous and irreversible procedure to prevent itself from reproducing.

Or, something like that.

Calling for a GOP "ideological vasectomy" on Thursday night's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the occasional Hill pundit blogger seemingly felt those words needed a little extrapolation, so he took to the Internet the following morning.

"Yes, itís time for Republicans, if they want to survive as a viable political party, to cut off the far-right voices like Rush Limbaugh and Tom DeLay, move their party more to the left (or in their case, closer to the center), and come up with real ideas and solutions that donít make the American people think that Republicans are completely out of touch with reality or living in an alternative universe," he wrote on The Hill's pundit blog.

This video is from MSNBC's Countdown, broadcast Mar. 11, 2009.

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David Edwards contributed to this report.


Excerpts from Kofinis' post:

Of course, I donít expect the Republican Party to do any of this. In fact, I know that the leaders of the Republican Party will do the exact opposite. And, in so doing, I foresee three scenarios for the Republican Party in the coming years.

1. The party changes and starts to become more moderate, seeks bipartisan solutions and becomes a party of new ideas (ZERO chance of this happening);

2. or, within the next four years, the Republican Party splinters into two factions, one far-right and the other one center-right (5 percent chance of this happening);

3. or the leaders of the Republican Party, top to bottom, will wake up every morning, turn on the radio, listen to make sure that they didnít cross Rush, and then these Limbaugh Republican clones will hit the airwaves and spread the word and advice of Rush Limbaugh (95 percent chance of this happening).

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