Fox contributor mocks black reporter's tears during Obama win
David Edwards and Stephen C. Webster
Published: Thursday November 6, 2008

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Late night Fox News host Greg Gutfeld makes a living off controversy. But this is low, even for him.

On Tuesday night, Gutfeld talked with correspondent Bill Schulz as the two mocked a video clip of a black ABC reporter breaking into tears as Obama's election to the presidency was announced.

"I grew up in a neighborhood that was mostly black," said ABC's Steve Osunsami. "And my father used to tell us that there's no way this country would elect a black president. Well, this evening, the country has proved my old man wrong, and we're the better for it."

Several times, the reporter's voice wavered, as he was obviously emotionally moved by the news.

"I so wanna comfort him, right now," sneered Gutfeld. "... Bill, you were convinced he was faking it."

"I am, and I have to say, if that's a television moment, I cry on this show every night!" responded Schulz. "Why don't we get better ratings?"

The show's various cast members laughed.

"Yeah, I do think he was faking it," he continued. "It looked like he was trying to force the tears out and they weren't happening. So he could force the moment, that I come by so naturally ... Every time you hit me!"

Gutfeld laughed and hissed, "Yes! Yes, I know!"

This video is from Fox's Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, broadcast November 5, 2008.

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