GOP lawmakers: Fire college professors for 'queer theory'
David Edwards and Joe Byrne
Published: Wednesday February 18, 2009

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According to Republican lawmakers in Georgia and the Christian Coalition, queer theory is not a legitimate course of study.

On CNN's American Morning today, Carol Costello reported on Georgia's recent variation of the age-old debate over what should be taught in our schools. Georgia State University is under fire for employing professors who are listed in an annual faculty guide as experts in 'Oral Sex' and 'Male Prostitution.' State Representative Charlice Byrd announced on February 4 that she is starting a "grassroots" effort to oust these professors, AP reported.

"This is not considered higher education," Byrd said. "If legislators are going to dole out the dollars, we should have a say-so in where they go."

Mindy Stombler is the professor listed as being an expert in oral sex. According to the GSU website, "Her latest research project involves unraveling the power dynamic embedded in the practices of oral sex, particularly cunnilingus, and connecting conceptualizations of cunnilingus to public discourse (particularly messages about oral sex sent through music and other media)."

Calvin Hill, another State Representative, took issue with the University of Georgia's graduate program on queer theory. "Our job is to educate our people in sciences, business, math," said Hill, a vice chairman of the budget-writing House Appropriations Committee. He said professors aren't going to meet those needs "by teaching a class in queer theory."

Lawmakers in Georgia have no legal power to fire professors or dictate the curriculum in publicly-funded colleges, but the $2.2 billion budget crunch in Georgia is guaranteed to have at least some impact on college business. It is Byrd's full intention to eliminate the targeted positions and programs by teaming with the Christian Coalition and the University System Board of Regents.

This video is from CNN's American Morning, broadcast Feb. 18, 2009.

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