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McCain calls Democrats 'the enemy' on Super Tuesday
Michael Roston
Published: Tuesday February 5, 2008

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In an early appearance on Super Tuesday, Senator John McCain called Democrats "the enemy" and described his plans to win electoral votes in traditionally "blue" states.

"We’re going to take the battle to the enemy,” the Arizona Republican declared in a rally at New York's Rockefeller Center.

Sasha Issenberg of the Boston Globe's Political Intelligence blog noted that McCain was using, "exactly the same rhetoric he uses to talk about the other surge," in describing his game plan for Super Tuesday.

McCain's broadside against Democrats contrasted with the pride he has previously taken in working with members of the other party to accomplish major legislative changes.

"Let me just say I'm proud of my conservative record," McCain said in the last presidential debate on Jan. 30 when Mitt Romney challenged his conservative credentials for working with Democrats. "It's one of reaching across the aisle to get things done for Americans, obviously, whether it be McCain-Lieberman, that established the 9/11 commission, and then the legislation that implemented that, or whether it be working across the aisle on the Armed Services Committee to provide the men and women with what they need to defend this nation. And I'm proud of that record."

Recent endorsements of McCain have also highlighted his aisle-crossing as a reason for favoring his candidacy.

"McCain has championed effective campaign finance reform, working closely with Democratic allies to push through landmark legislation," the Newsday editorial board wrote. "Alone among leading Republicans, he has recognized the dangers posed by climate change and has been a strong early advocate for curbs on global warming, sponsoring bipartisan legislation mandating market-based solutions."

But while the senator was escalating his rhetoric against Democrats, McCain still appeared optimistic about bringing Democratic bastions over to his column in the general election.

"I guarantee you as the nominee of my party I can and will carry the city of New York as well as the state of New York,” Issenberg quoted him saying.