Rove: History will be kind to Bush
Nick Cargo and David Edwards
Published: Sunday December 28, 2008

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Former White House aide Karl Rove insisted that the legacy of President Bush will fare well in the eyes of historians in the years to come.

"I think history is going to see him as a man who put America on a war footing in a struggle that will have shaped the nature of this century," he told Fox guest anchor Jamie Colby. "He will be seen as someone who liberated Afghanistan and Iraq. Fifty million people now live in freedom in those two countries who did not know freedom before. And he will also be seen as somebody who created a strategy to confront terrorism that is going to make America and the world safer in the years to come.

"Look, judgments of history are harsh in the short run, and unfairly so many times. Harry S. Truman left office--in fact the slogan at the time was 'To err is Truman.' He left town not very popular, and yet history regards him now as a much different person and I think this President is not going to leave office in that same state. He's going to be at relatively low ratings but much better than some of his predecessors. History, though, is going to be kind to him at the end. I'm absolutely confident of it."

Rove joins outgoing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and first lady Laura Bush in making the media rounds over the weekend propping up their image of the Commander-in-chief.

With Bush set to leave office having secured the record for lowest presidential approval rating (19% in February 2008 and again in September 2008, American Research Group) and highest disapproval rating (76% in September 2008, American Research Group), Sec. Rice told CBS on Sunday that Bush's "contributions" to the world would soon be hailed rather than condemned.

"I think generations pretty soon are going to start to thank this president for what he's done," she said. "This generation will."

"It's not a popularity contest," Rice argued. "It is to lay a foundation for where all this will come out. I know that your business is to report today's headlines and I respect that. But my business is to lay a foundation for history's judgment."

"In two of the most populous countries, China and India, the United States is not just well regarded for its policies, but very well regarded," she added after being prodded by interviewer Rita Braver. She went on to say that she would "absolutely" invade Iraq again, "[because] I know that the Middle East with Saddam Hussein in its center was never going to be a Middle East that was going to change in a way that will sustain American interests, values and security."

The following video clip was broadcast on Fox News' On the Record on December 26, 2008:

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