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"I feel like I was hit in the chest with a steel bar and got my wind knocked out. I have to admit I liked my job, and I liked what I did," Silicio said.
—Tami Silicio, an employee of a military contractor, who was fired for leaking photos of flag-draped coffins to the press.

"He was a shield for them," Saeed Badwan, a 34-year-old labourer, said of his only son. "When I saw him on the hood of the jeep, my whole mind went crazy...It's a picture you can't even imagine. He was shivering from fear."
—Saaed Badwan, a 34-year-old laborer, speaking of his only son who was allegedly used as a human shield by Israeli soldiers.


"The Kyoto Protocol is a death pact, however strange it may sound,
because its main aim is to strangle economic growth and economic
activity in countries that accept the protocol's requirements."
—Andrei Illarionov, Putin's economic minister, during remarks in which he called the protocol an "international Auschwitz." Go to article.

"The Palestinian leadership warns of the dangers of reaching such an agreement because it is clear proof that it will completely put an end to the peace process... [It would] lead to the destruction of the chances for the peace process and security and stability in the region. It will also restart the vicious cycle of violence in the region and end all the agreements and commitments that have been signed."
—Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, in a statement made after the United States signaled it might support a Sharon plan to retain West Bank settlements.

"I was just calling my boss to say I would be returning to work a few minutes late, and when I pressed the button to hang up, the phone was suddenly flying everywhere.''
A Hong Kong resident, who was injured by his exploding cell phone, in comments to the network ATV. Go to article.



“These and a number of other measures — documented by the agency’s own data — indicate that the actual performance of the IRS differs in significant ways from some of the Bush administration claims when it comes to cracking down on corporate scofflaws.”
—An IRS report, which showed more and more consumers are being targeted for audits, while corporations are overlooked.

“There's no doubt I expect to die in prison," said Kevorkian. "All the big powers, they've silenced me. ... So much for free speech and choice on this fundamental human right.”
—Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a U.S. pioneer of assisted suicide, saying he expects to die in prison.





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