Fox 9 News reported:

“Delegates to the Republican National Convention who are traveling into downtown St. Paul off Interstate 94 next week will be treated to a billboard-sized welcome from the other party. ”

“The Democratic National Committee bought billboard space to display a picture of John McCain embracing President Bush with the message: ‘Does this look like change to you?’ ”

“The Democrats also plan to distribute to reporters a multimedia press kit, which will include flash drives with an extensive catalog of McCain’s record — histories of his votes, past statements and other material the Democrats want to highlight.”

“A team of two dozen Democratic fact checkers will be sending out rapid responses to every GOP speaker.”

“In addition to the visual and multimedia cues, Democrats will hold daily press briefings in downtown St. Paul to counter the Republican message radiating from the Xcel Center. They’re setting up a media center just across the street from the convention center.”

This video is from, broadcast August 27, 2008.

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