Echoing claims he made on MSNBC in April, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart blamed Fox News host Glenn Beck for a clip that portrayed U.S. Department of Agriculture state director Shirley Sherrod as racist.

Breitbart accused Beck of taking the video of Sherrod and cutting it up into 15 second pieces on his radio program, ignoring Breitbart’s original focus on the NAACP and instead making it solely about Sherrod.

“He found out between the time he did the radio show and the TV show that he had screwed the pooch,” Breitbart said. “So he goes on the TV show and does a 180 degree turn and changes the entire narrative. Who suffered from that? Me because it made it look like I had gone after Sherrod. He had gone after Sherrod and then he turned her into a victim.”

Mediaite reported that Breitbart attacked Beck on Tuesday night in a series of postings on Twitter, claiming Beck had “thrown [him] under the bus” and taken content from his websites without attribution.

Watch video, courtesy of The Tolbert Report, below: