According to a recent court ruling, the National Park Service was acting lawfully in 2008 when officers shut down a “flashmob” and arrested a woman who was “expressively dancing” inside the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.

In protest of the judge’s decision to uphold the ban on demonstrations, five activists went to the Jefferson Memorial on Saturday and began silently dancing. They were all rounded up by officers in short order.

One of the activists, anti-war veteran Adam Kokesh, appeared to ignore an officer’s order to stop. As he began to slowly walk away, Kokesh was grabbed and violently thrown to the ground, then held down by an officer who put two hands around his throat.

Kokesh is also the host of a Russia Today political news show called “Adam VS The Man.”

Naturally, there were cameras present. The whole event was even live-streamed on the Internet and local media outlets were notified about the protest ahead of time.

Another “dance party” at the Jefferson Memorial is planned for June 4.

Update: Officials with the U.S. Park Police said they are investigating whether officers acted with excessive force in the arrests of five activists on Saturday afternoon.

This video was published to YouTube on May 28, 2011.