Two of Australia’s animal protection organizations joined forces this week to call for an end to the export of live animals to countries that don’t prevent cruelty.

To illustrate their point, Animals Australia and RSPCA Australia presented video of the abuse of five cattle: Brian, Tommy, Bill, Arthur and Dudley.

RSPCA Australia chief scientist Dr. Bidda Jones explained that one steer named Tommy trembled in terror as he was forced to watch other cattle slaughtered.

“Whilst those who care about animals know that they can feel fear and distress, there are some that would like us to believe otherwise,” Jones explained. “Tommy’s story provides indisputable evidence that animals, too, can experience terror and that they are cognisant of what goes on around them.”

Australian broadcaster ABC has an extensive report about cruelty inflicted on animals exported by Australia.

Watch this video from Animals Australia, uploaded to YouTube May 30, 2011.