According to Jon Stewart, and contrary to what Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood reported earlier today, Stewart and Rep. Anthony Weiner were not college roommates. However, they’ve been good friends since college.

Given that and the subject matter, it should come to no surprise to anyone that Stewart used Tuesday night’s episode of The Daily Show to examine mainstream media’s coverage of the so-called Weiner “scandal.” Stewart’s facetious barbs were especially pointed when he criticized CNN’s booking of Andrew Breitbart to discuss the matter:

“To be fair, they’re not just going to let a guy come on and speculate saying Congressman Weiner might be some sort of sexual predator or pedophile, particularly if the accuser is someone who has openly and publicly sworn that his life’s mission is to destroy those people on the institutional Left.”

Watch the whole segment, originally uploaded by Mediaite on May 31, 2011, below: