People protesting Uganda’s proposed bill that would allow execution as punishment for being gay were punished themselves yesterday, Rachel Maddow reported. Dramatic photos from Reuters show protesters being sprayed at high power with pink dye, which Maddow said was indelible.

Under the proposed bill, it would also be a punishable offense to hire a gay person, know that someone was gay and not report it, or be landlord to a gay person. These would be punished by imprisonment.

However, Wednesday is the last day in Uganda’s legislative term, and the so-called Kill the Gays bill has been taken off the agenda, MSNBC reports. It’s unclear whether a new bill will be written or if the same one will come back next legislative term, but it seems unlikely that the fight for the bill is over.

UPDATE: Uganda’s Parliament has finished Wednesday’s visit, but the “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” will be voted on on Friday, it has been confirmed. The current Parliament is constitutionally in effect until May 18, though business was predicted to be halted this week, because the next Parliament will begin to be sworn in on Monday, May 16.

Watch Rachel Maddow report on the bill and the protesters’ punishment in a clip below, originally broadcast on “The Rachel Maddow Show” on May 10, 2011, and embedded courtesy of MSNBC.

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