Roughly 250 protesters demonstrated outside the Fort Leavenworth prison over the weekend, in a show of support for Pfc. Bradley Manning, the 23-year-old soldier accused of funneling secrets to WikiLeaks.

Raw Story sent freelance videographer Malachi Muncy to cover the event, put on by The Bradley Manning Support Network. This Raw Replay exclusive is what he brought back.

Among the protesters was Manning’s father, who in a recent interview did not appear to be a fan of his son’s alleged actions. The elder Manning said that when his son was first arrested, he claimed to have no idea why.

“I think what you guys are doing here is great,” he told one of the protesters, in spite of not joining the march itself.

Watch this video, uploaded June 5, 2011.

Video, editing: Malachi Muncy. Updated from an original version for clarity.

David Edwards contributed to this post.

Image credit: Bradley Manning Support Network.