Australian Finance Minister Penny Wong stood her ground against Liberal Tasmanian Senator David Bushby Tuesday after he meowed at her during a hearing.

“Oh yes, why don’t you meow when a woman does that?” Wong snapped. “The blokes are allowed to yell, but if a woman stands her ground, you want to make that kind of comment.”

“It’s sort of schoolyard politics, mate,” she added.

Bushby eventually took to Twitter to apologize.

“I am sorry that Senator Wong has felt offended by my reaction,” he wrote. “I have tried to call her to personally apologise.”

But the apology wasn’t enough for Treasurer Wayne Swan who said Bushby’s comment was sexist.

“I think the Finance Minister was absolutely right not to put up with the rudeness and the sexist beehaviour of Tony Abbott’s goons,” Swan told The Australian. “They behave in a way that I can only describe as being feral. It’s certainly not responsible. It’s not what the country needs.”

Watch this video from Australia’s ABC, broadcast May 31, 2011.