Last Sunday, John McCain went on the record saying that evidence shows that some of the wildfires currently burning in Arizona were caused by people who had crossed the border from Mexico into the United States illegally. When U.S. Forestry Service officials countered that no such evidence existed, McCain attempted to have it both ways by simultaneously walking back his original statement and then repeating it.

On last night’s “The Daily Show”, Jon Stewart attempted to clear up some of the confusion. The show would, of course, like to have a statement from Senator McCain, but, as Stewart says, “He f*&king hates us”. So, the producers wrangled up the next best thing, a “Senator John McCain” puppet who thinks illegal aliens not only started the wildfires, but also hid his remote in the freezer and took his reading glasses.

Watch the video, embedded via Comedy Central, below:

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Aliens vs. Senator
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