Sunday night was a big night for television: The Tony Awards were on, as well as the NBA Final, the Miami Heat v. Dallas Mavericks. Those who weren’t watching Neil Patrick Harris jazz hand it up saw the Mavs take their first-ever championship over the heavily favored Heat.

The always-controversial LeBron James, in a press conference after the game, had some harsh words for his haters.

A fan, New York hip-hop DJ Jay Smooth, posted a video rant about James “breaking the tacit agreement we have with all athletes that they’ll keep pretending they’re doing something important as long as we keep pretending we believe them.”

“You can’t say things like that,” he said. “All that stuff is true about people who root against you, but it’s also equally true about the people who root for you. That’s not an argument against haters, that’s an argument against being a sports fan. You’re messing up our unspoken agreement to pretend sports are good for us. That’s like a drug dealer telling his customers, ‘you know after you come down from this, you’re just going to be more depressed, right?’”

Watch the rant below, embedded via YouTube.